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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Humble Libertarian: Blog: Judy Morris: Big Government at Work: Tennessee Senate Approves Bill To Warn Students That Hand-Holding is a Gateway Sexual Activity: Big Government Gone Wild

The Humble Libertarian: Blog: Judy Morris: Government at Work: Tennessee Senate Approves Bill To Warn Students That Hand-Holding Is A ‘Gateway Sexual Activity’

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This just in, in the world of big government, a world so big Ray Charles could see it blindfolded. The Tennessee Senate just came up with an idea to restrict how Americans live their own lives, and beat Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann to the punch, or at least made this idea public before they did. They just approved a bill that would warn Tennessee students that they apparently don’t trust to make their own decisions in this area, that is consensual human contact. 

Apparently Tennessee schools aren’t very good or something. And their students aren't capable of making these decisions on their own. They just passed a bill That would warn their students, that "Hand Holding Is a Gateway to Sexual Activity”. And no this is not a joke, kinda like alcohol is a gateway to marijuana. Or flying in a gateway to bungee jumping. Driving is a gateway to drunk driving, smoking is a gateway to arson. Well that makes just as much sense as this Tennessee Senate bill. 
You know what the next step to this is, well I’ll tell you anyway. The Tennessee Senate may try to outlaw adultery or pre-marital sex. Maybe they'll create a Tennessee State Sex Police, where an officer would go by each home in the state everyday and night, to make sure no one is having an adulterous affair. Or go by every club and bar and demand to see everyone’s marriage license, to make sure they are not having an affair. 
These assumptions aren’t completely far-fetched. U.S. Senator  Jim DeMint, a champion of big government suggested back in 2010 that adultery should be illegal in the United States. But now he’s saying the Republican Party should become more libertarian on social issues. Holy Mitt Romney flip-flop Batman! Make up your mind man! You're on complete opposite sides of the same issues! Stop taking pages from Mitt Romney’s playbook. This is big government at its worse, interfering with how Americans live their own lives. 
And just another reason why sane intelligent people shouldn’t live in Tennessee. Even though I would like to visit both Nashville and Memphis. And makes Tennessee look like a laughing-stock to everyone who doesn’t live in a mental institution or in the Bible Belt. Which is most of the country, but with state senators like this, who needs mental patients. And it gives reason to believe that are mental institutions aren’t overcrowded enough.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Atlantic: The Wire: Alexander Abad-Santos: Jon Stewart Mourns The Miracle That Was Rick Santorum's Campaign

I’ll say this about Rick Santroum and this is probably the only nice thing I'll say about Senator Santorum in this post. But at last its true, Rick Santorum ran a hell of a presidential campaign as far as where he started, as someone who wasn’t even expected to make it to Iowa, let alone win it. Because he was thought of as a loser who was kicked out of the U.S. Senate by 16-18 point by his own state. He was seen as way too far to the right and keep in mind we are talking about the Republican Party here. So that's saying something. 

I mean Michelle Bachmann who didn’t even make to New Hampshire apparently considers pornography and same-sex marriage as our biggest threats to national security. You can’t get to the right of someone like that, she’s so far to the right she couldn’t see Conservatives with a telescope or with X-ray vision. So what Senator Santorum did and accomplished was something pretty impressive.

Rick Santorum came from looking like an ex-politician who’s political career was over, to finishing in 2nd place in the Republican presidential race. Only trailing the frontrunner in Mitt Romney. And came damn close to winning, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin. If he wins those four States or just two to of them, he’s still campaigning for President right now, with a competitive shot at the Presidential Nomination. And had he made those state Campaigns about the economy, instead of Jesus Christ knows best how free Americans should live their lives, maybe he wins those states. 

But no, that wasn't good enough for Ricky. Ricky wanted to be the Father of America and yet he runs for President instead. Telling Americans how to live their lives and focusing on social issues in an economy with 8.2% unemployment and he probably should've won those States. But remember we are talking about Rick Santroum here. The leader and champions of big government republicanism. That's just not in his creed, he believes the number one problem in America is that are too free and need more restrictions.

What Rick Santorum did by dropping out this week, was save his political career. Instead of continuing to campaign and looking like nothing more than a sore loser. Who doesn’t know when he’s taken too many punches. And leaves options open for himself, like perhaps the Vice Presidential Nomination. Running for President in 2016 and being the frontrunner, or perhaps running for Governor of Pennsylvania in 2018.

Or even running for Priest in Pennsylvania as an Italian-Catholic and have the right platform to tell free Americans as immoral we are and need our newly elected father to guide us in how we should live our own personal lives. To be serious for a second, running for Priest seems to be a job right up Ricky's ally and something he might actually be qualified for. Instead of trying to run for president in a liberal democracy free society.