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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

FRSDailyJournal: Tallahassee Florida 2012 College Football Preview: What to Expect from The Seminoles in 2012

How to sum up Tallahassee Florida football for the last eleven years, imagine being a fan of an NFL team. That for the last 10-20 years was always a Super Bowl Contender and then they go from that all of the sudden to being a Division Champion. But generally getting eliminated from the playoffs early, to a team that barely makes the playoffs but does it every year. Thats never a great team but never bad enough to be a bad team, they are a lets say above average team. Not bad enough to be average or good but not a very good team that you can see contending for championships. Except for 2005 and 2010 thats Seminoles football for the last eleven years. After losing the 2000 BCS Championship game after winning that game the year earlier and losing it again in 1998 as well as in 1996, after finally winning it in 1993. Tallahassee as I call Florida State, has been stuck in neutral, they won one or two ACC Championship after 2000, before 2005. But lost those BCS Bowl games and only won the ACC those years, because they were playing in a relatively weak ACC. With really only Virginia Tech being a National Contender in those years, they won the ACC again in 2005 but with a 8-5 or 9-4 record which is weak for a BCS Conference Champion. And the next four years were in that 7-8 win mark each season.

This is why Head Coach Bobby Bowden who made the Tallahassee Football Program what it was in the 1980s and 90s. When they were National Contenders every year, was asked to resign after the 2009 season, because the Seminoles were no longer a National Contender and barely an ACC Contender. Playing for the most part in what's called mid major bowls, the bowl games right before the BCS Bowls, like the Citrus Bowl game in Orlando to use as an example. Thats not where the Seminoles are expected to be year after year but like Notre Dame, Michigan, Miami Florida to use as examples. Are expected to be a BCS Bowl team every season and at least competing for Conference Championships every season. Thats something that Seminoles Head Coach Jimbo Fisher understands and got the Seminoles to the ACC Championship game in 2010 and back to a BCS Bowl that same year. They slipped a little last year back to a mid major bowl, the Champs Sports Bowl but they seem to be back on course.

Year three in the Jimbo Fisher tenure will not only be a big season for Head Coach Jimbo Fisher but a big year for the Seminoles. Back in the preseason top ten, looking to win another Conference Championship and better yet looking to at least be in contention for the 1st or 2nd slot in the country and playing for the BCS National Championship in January. And we'll see how they do, early on in September will be a big test for them.