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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Boxing History: ABC Sports- Thomas Hearns vs. Marvin Hagler- 1985 World Middleweight Championship

Hearns-Hagler for the World Middleweight Championship in 1985, might be the best great short fight of all-time. But the reason it was a great short fight is because Tommy Hearns made two tactical mistakes. One perhaps not his fault which was to break his hand hitting the top of Marvin Hagler's rock-solid head. Which obviously affected Hearns performance the rest of the fight. But the other mistake which was something he could have avoided was to get into a slugfest with Hagler. A man who was a devastating body puncher who would just wear you out. Not that different from a Joe Frazier, but who avoided punches very well and could take a lot of great shots. Not that he had to very often. Hearns, being 6'1 and very quick with a great jab, should've worked the outside and pounded Hagler when he had him hurt. But you don't go toe-to-toe with a bulldog, when all you need is a leash to keep him under control. But Hearns landed a lot of great shots, but took too much punishment and breaking his hand essentially ended the fight for him.