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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Liberty Pen: Christopher Hitchens- In Defense Of Unpopular Speech

Source: Liberty Pen-
Source: Liberty Pen Christopher Hitchens- In Defense of Unpopular Speech

I don't agree with the late great writer Christopher Hitchens all the time. I'm a Liberal, he's more of a Progressive/Socialist. A bit left to me on economic policy, to put it mildly, but we do tend to agree on some of these key social issues, like civil liberties, War on Drugs and yes free speech. But Freedom of Speech is exactly that, the freedom to speak, to go along with our property rights, are the most important freedoms and constitutional rights that we have in America. The freedom to speak is exactly that, the right to speak whether its popular or not.

That since we are a liberal democracy, we've decided long ago, that we are good enough and intelligent enough as a nation, that we can have good intelligent tolerant thinkers. But that we can also have haters and ignorant people as well, because we are a good and intelligent enough as a people to figure out what's hate and what's not and what should be taken seriously and what shouldn't be. That we don't need big government to make these decisions for us. What we should and be able to listen to and what we shouldn't listen to. This is something that Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians figured out a long time ago, but that today's so-called Progressives and Christian-Conservatives, have never grasped. Who believe government needs to be strong enough to be able to protect its people, even at times from themselves.

The Islamic film, that was perceived very negatively a few weeks ago by Muslims and so-called Progressives, but of course Neoconservatives view the film as free speech, because they like and agree with the film, but thats a different story, is a perfect example of what free speech is designed to protect. The right for people to be able to speak their mind, even as small as their minds and intelligence level may be. As long as they are not labeling people, threatening people, or inciting violence. What this movie essentially does, is layout what the creators of this movie feel. "Islam is bad and so-forth, that Muhammad was a bad person and so-forth." But it wasn't calling for Muslims to be killed and beat up and so-forth, it was a negative if not bigoted view of Islam, but not calling for violence on Muslims. And thats the difference between free speech and threatening speech. Something we don't put up with as a nation.

Pro Football Weekly: Week 4 NFL Preview: Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys

QB Jay Cutler has to play well for the Bears to win this game or the Cowboys may blow them out

WBAL-TV Sports: Orioles Sweep Boston Red Sox, Stay in Chase For AL East

Orioles sweep Red Sox, stay in chase for East | Sports - WBAL Home

Orioles back in  the AL Playoffs for the first time since 1997, as well as their first winning and non losing season since 1997.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

ACCNetwork: FBS: Tallahassee @ South Florida Highlights

Tallahassee looks like the team to beat in the ACC and look like a real contender for the BCS Championship

The Phil Donahue Show: Ayn Rand Interview From 1979

Source: Phil Donahue Show- Ayn Rand-
Source: The Phil Donahue Show: Ayn Rand 1979 Interview

This is a classic interview, because you had two very intelligent people with lots of followers, who both had a message to deliver. But came from very different sides of the political spectrum. Ayn Rand, being a Libertarian/Objectivist and Phil Donahue being a Progressive/Socialist even. Two people with very different beliefs on what the role of government is. Especially the role of the Federal Government. Ayn, whose see government's role as basically doing nothing more, than to basically protecting our freedom and constitutional rights. And Phil Donahue, believing that government should be doing a lot for its people. That there's only so much we can expect that the private enterprise can do for the people.

The Phil Donahue belief I guess, is when people have a lot of economic freedom, we see too much income inequality, that we should tolerate in a democracy. And that we need a strong Federal Government to provide the human services, that we shouldn't trust private enterprise to do for the people. And if that means having high taxes to pay for these human services, so be it. If that means we get good public services from all of these taxes. So this was a discussion between two people, who have very different views in what the role of government is and what it should be doing for its people. But two people who are very intelligent and can make their case very well in how they look at the world ideologically.

The best thing that I could probably compare this interview with today, it would be like Ralph Nader interviewing Ron Paul, or vice-versa. Two men that are actually pretty similar when it comes to social freedom and civil liberties. But are very different in what they see the role for the Federal Government as it relates to the economy. Ron Paul basically believing that people should be able to keep and spend as much money as they make and be able to spend it as they see it, as long as they aren't spending that money hurting people. Ordering hits and that sort of thing. And Ralph Nader, believing that a country is a community and to be a member of this community, we should all have to pay a price for it. To make this community as strong as it can be. Similar to Rand-Donahue.

Pro Football Weekly: Week 4 Best Bet: Patriots @ Bills

Two things will either happen in this game but not both of them, the Buffalo Bills either taking their. Frustration of the last twelve years against the New England Patriots and finally beating them, because the Patriots have a let down after the last two weeks, thinking this is the week they. Automatically bounce back or the Patriots taking their frustrations from the last two weeks out against the Bills and absolutely hammering the Bills but I don't believe this will be a close game. Either way, whoever wins.

ACCNetwork: Miami Wins Wild One vs Raleigh

Looks like the Miami Hurricanes offense is back and they can score points in bunches. Which hasn't been the case for the most part in the last nine years.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SBNation: College Football Week 5 Picks Against the Spread

The Texas- Stillwater game is probably the best game of this batch

WBAL-TV Entertainment: New Jersey considers 'Snookiville Law'

New Jersey considers 'Snookiville Law' | Entertainment - WBAL Home

This is a Good Government Law because its about Personal Responsibility, that would require people who bring a lot of attention to themselves. To pay for the security that comes with having them around, rather then putting those costs on Tax Payers.

WBAL-TV Sports: Bummer in Birdland: O's lose 2nd straight to Toronto

Bummer in birdland: O's lose 2nd straight to Toronto | Sports - WBAL Home

The Orioles can't afford any slumps right now

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SBNation: Replacement Refs Scab Tracker Week 3 NFL 2012

You would think this would give the real refs leverage in negotiating a new labor deal with the NFL. Because the replacement refs have just made the NFL look bad and they can't afford anymore bad publicity right now.

WBAL-TV Sports: Orioles Split Doubleheader with Toronto Blue Jays

Orioles split doubleheader with Toronto Blue Jays | Sports - WBAL Home

Splitting a doubleheader with a last place team this late in the season when you are contending for a Division Championship. Is not a good thing but it could've been worse, the Orioles could've gotten swept in the doubleheader.

Monday, September 24, 2012

SBNation: Inside the Arena of The Future: The Barclays Center

Get use to hearing the Brooklyn Nets, my question would be how come Newark or North Jersey in general. Especially since they already have a modern Sports Arena in Newark, can't hold onto an NBA Franchise.

ABC Sports: FBS 1994: 1995 Sugar Bowl: Tallahassee vs Florida: Brent Musburger With The Call

It doesn't get much better then this for a Sugar Bowl matchup

The Atlantic: "Ann Romney Totally Jealous She Didn't Get to Meet Beyonce"

Ann Romney Totally Jealous She Didn't Get to Meet Beyonce - Entertainment - The Atlantic Wire

Ann Romney brought this on herself by accusing the media of being mean to her husband

WBAL-TV Sports: Orioles Miss Big Chance in 9th, Lose to Boston 2-1

Orioles miss big chance in 9th, lose to Boston 2-1 | Sports - WBAL Home

Sunday would've been a lot better had the Orioles beaten the Boston Red Sox again at Fenway. But they'll have a great chance to makeup for it with a four game series against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

WBAL-TV Sports: Tribute for Torrey: Ravens beat New England Patriots, 31-30

Tribute for Torrey: Baltimore Ravens beat New England Patriots, 31-30 | Sports - WBAL Home

The Ravens beat the New England Patriots, even though the refs almost gave the Patriots the game

ABC News Australia: Pastor Fred Phelps Minister of Hate Westboro Baptist Church: A Modern Nazi Cult

If the Peoples Temple that Rev. Jim Jones put together back in the 1970s, was a Socialist Cult, which I believe it was. From the left or far left depending on your perspective, then the Westboro Baptist Church is a Nazi Cult coming from the far right and I'm not saying they are a racist organization. Exactly, even though I'm not ruling out they are but they are Nazis in the sense that they hate people who for they are. The Nazis targeted Jews, Slavs and other peoples, the Westboros as I call them, put together by the so called Rev. Fred Phelps has targeted Homosexuals. They see them as sinners and immoral, just because of their sexuality, not by how the treat people or how they live their lives but who they are physically attracted to and how they live. Their personal lives, this is not racist obviously but clearly homophobic and bigoted and people who do have the right of Free Speech in the United States but not in Canada, Europe or Australia. But people who don't believe in this hateful philosophy, also have a Constitutional Right to speak out against these haters and show exactly who they are, which are modern Nazis.

WBAL-TV Sports: Birdland Happy to 'Buckle Up' for Postseason

I predict that 2012 will be the first time that the Ravens and Orioles made the playoffs in the same year. The last time this happened in Baltimore, was in 1971 with the Orioles and Colts.

Pro Football Weekly: Week 3 NFL Preview: Green Bay Packers @ Seattle Seahawks

Probably another Northwest Shootout with the defense that shows up first, being the deciding factor in who wins this game.

ACC Network: ACC Turning Point: Clemson vs Tallahassee

The turning point in this game, was the defensive adjustments that the Seminoles made at halftime. And them bringing more pressure on Clemson in the 2nd Half, that set up great field position for the Seminoles the rest of the way.

Richmond Times Sports: Record-Setting Passer Gives Old Dominion Edge Over New Hampshire

Record-setting passer gives ODU edge over New Hampshire

I even like FCS Football

Saturday, September 22, 2012

ESPN: Behind The Fights Documentary- Buster Douglas vs Mike Tyson- February, 1990

Iron Mike vs Buster Douglas
I saw the James Douglas-Mike Tyson World Heavyweight Championship fight as a fourteen year old in junior high on HBO in February, 1990. Actually I saw the replay of it, after I heard the shocking news that James Buster Douglas defeated Iron Mike Tyson for the World Heavyweight Championship. It was shocking, because Mike Tyson look unbeatable for about five years from 1985 until 1990. Holding the WHC for about four years. He just didn't look unbeatable, but he was destroying his opponents.

Beating former world champions, but not just beating them, but destroying them. Like Frank Bruno, Mike Spinks, Larry Holmes, Tony Tucker, James Smith and others. All guys who were world champions before and in Larry Holmes case one of the top 2-3 heavyweights and world champions of all- time. He's right there with Muhammad Ali and you could argue either way, but with Buster Douglas, you had a very talented fighter. Tall, big, strong, accurate, with excellent boxing skills, but wasn't very disciplined. He was the perfect fighter to beat someone like Mike Tyson, because of his awesome size. And the ability to use it, he was able to keep Tyson off of him, by hitting him hard enough to keep him off and go to work on him.

Going into this fight, of course James Douglas beating Mike Tyson is not only one of the biggest upsets of the 1990s, but of all-time. But looking back at it now, James Douglas was simply good enough to beat Tyson. He had the skills and size to do it, as well as the training. Most of Iron Mike's opponents went at Tyson by trying to tie him up, to prevent Mike from throwing Mike's bombs at you. But what Buster did was a different strategy. He figured out the best way to keep Iron Mike off of you was by hitting him hard with a big jab, going on offense forcing Mike to take punishment as well, which set up Buster's other punches.

ACC Network: Bowling Green vs Virginia Tech: Bounce Back Victory for VT

Nice bounce back victory for Virginia Tech

ACC Network: Army @ Wake Forrest Highlights

The Army Cadets blew a big opportunity to get their first win of 2012

Pro Football Weekly: PFW's Week 3 Best Bet: Steelers (-4) @ Raiders

I think the Oakland Raiders defense would improve, if their offense could just move the ball and score some points. This would give the Raiders defense a chance to regroup and recover and put less pressure on the defense but I don't see the Raiders offense improving this Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. With the Steelers wining this fairly easily.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SBNation: College Football Week 4 Picks: Tallahassee vs Clemson, Manhattan Kansas vs Oklahoma

For the Tallahassee Seminoles to be taken seriously as a BCS Contender, they have to beat someone good. A legitimate top 25 team and they'll get their opportunity Saturday against the Clemson Tigers.

Liberty Pen: A Story Of Enterprise (1955)

This is clearly a propaganda film from people who believe in American capitalism and private enterprise. But the message is correct that people themselves are better off working and producing things and seeing what they can do for themselves, based on hard work and production. And not relying on government to do it for them. The more people you have working and paying their own bills, the more tax revenue that you'll have for people who go through rough times and need public assistance that Progressives speak so highly of, to help them out.

But the fewer people you have working, or not making enough money to support themselves, the smaller the economy will be and the less revenue that you'll have for people who aren't physically and mentally able to at least work full-time and able to support themselves. Which is why you need the largest workforce possible with the largest middle class possible. So you have the fewest people possible who are either unemployed, or undereducated and not able to get themselves a good job that will allow for them to be self-sufficient. And then you'll have more money to help people who truly need it.

Private enterprise and capitalism are great things and I'm big fans of them. But they can only be as successful as their workforce will allow for them to be and be as good as their workforce. You need a good infrastructure system, good education, good workers and a good and efficient regulatory state, for your economy to be as strong as possible. To have the largest middle class possible. As many people as possible who are doing very well and even able to put money away and enjoy the luxuries in life. And for the people who fall through the cracks of system, an insurance system to help them out. But have that population be as small as possible.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Richmond Times Sports: Loss of Orakpo and Carriker Adds to Redskins Woes

Loss of Orakpo and Carriker adds to Redskins' woes

Are The Redskins Playoff Hopes Now Doomed?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

SBNation: Cardinals @ Patriots 2012: Stunning Finish as Kevin Kolb Leads Cardinals To Victory

The Phoenix Cardinals as I call them beating the New England Patriots has to be the upset of the day. But keep in mind the Cardinals won the NFC Championship just four years ago and went back to the NFC Playoffs in 2010 after winning their second straight NFC West Championship. They still have Ken Wisenhunt as their Head Coach, they still have Larry Fitzgerald and even though. Kevin Kolb is apparently not Coach Wisenhunt's preferred starting QB, he's still a young talented QB that. Has played well for the Cardinals in the past and he played well today and put the Cardinals in position to win, even though they almost lost as well and also other then the San Francisco 49ers. The NFC West is up for grabs, so the Cardinals could end up sneaking into the NFC Playoffs, this is not the Cleveland Browns that beat the Patriots in Foxboro today but a good young football team. That Ken Wisenhunt is building in Phoenix.

FBS 1973: Notre Dame vs Miami Florida: Before One Of the Best CF Rivalries

This was well before the great Notre Dame-Miami Florida Rivalry

Pro Football Weekly: Week Two NFL Preview: Lions @ 49ers: The Game of The Week

If the Detroit Lions defense doesn't come play Sunday night, especially the front seven thats one of the best. When they are playing well, they have excellent pass rushers and can stop the run and if the don't come to play Sunday night, the Lions will be in for a long night against the San Francisco 49ers. Especially at Candlestick Park a tough place for anyone to win on the road and a stadium, where the Lions have struggled for the last thirty years. The Lions are vulnerable in the secondary and when the Defensive Line is not getting to the QB and they are giving up yards in the running game. The Lions secondary becomes even more vulnerable, so if the Lions Defensive Line comes to play Sunday night, then that puts less pressure on QB Matt Stafford and the Lions explosive offense. And they can just play their game and not feel the pressure of having to score on every possession, where any offense would be vulnerable to making mistakes. As far as the 49ers, just keep playing 49er football which is all they did at Green Bay last week when they beat the Packers. Run the ball with Frank Gore, set up Alex Smith in the passing game off of Play Action, if Frank Gore has a big night, Alex Smith should have plenty of opportunities in the passing game.

The key in this game whether it will be close or will the 49ers win by three touchdowns, is the Lions front seven. If they can keep Frank Gore from being a big factor in this game, then they should have good opportunities at getting to Alex Smith and forcing him into mistakes, which will. Set up good field position for the Lions and the offense, if these things don't happen, then the 49ers will have a big night and run away with this game, it should be interesting to see Sunday night. And the lions should have plenty of motivation.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

FRSDailyJournal: Pro Football Weekly Week Two NFL Preview: Ravens @ Eagles

The Ravens opened up the 2012 season on Monday Night Football about as well as possible, putting up forty four points against a good Cincinnati Bengals defense. That made the AFC Playoffs last year and they really took control of that game early and never let go, the Ravens offense for a change led the way in this game. And the defense played very well against a very good and young Bengals offense, only holding them to thirteen points, whereas the Philadelphia Eagles had a hard time. Against perhaps the worst team in the NFL this year in the Cleveland Browns who have been stuck in neutral since 2008, after barely missing the playoffs in 2007. The 2012 Eagles aren't as bad of a team that barely beat the Browns 17-16 last week and the Ravens aren't going to score forty four points a game this season. But even though the Ravens defense probably won't be as dominant on defense as they had in the past, they won't have to be the Ravens have the tools on offense. To be very good this year and I believe defenses have figured out how to beat and defend the Eagles offense. Take the run away from them and keep Mike Vick in the pocket and force him to try to beat you throwing the ball, not that he can't do that but he's much better when defenses have. To worry about the run and when he can move around in the pocket.

I don't see the Eagles running a lick against the Ravens this week, unless Mike Vick can get out of the pocket. And make big plays with his legs, this is not a running team to begin with, they have their running success, off of big plays in the passing game, this is not a traditional West Coast Offense. That Andy Reid has but more of a Spread Vertical where they are always looking for the big play in the passing game and have the WR's and TE's for it, as well as the RB's and QB for it. Without a running game, they are going to have a much harder time getting those big plays in the passing game, the Ravens run defense is still very solid, which is. Why I believe the Eagles offense will struggle tomorrow and the Ravens will be able to run the ball well enough to protect QB Joe Flacco and he'll be able to make big plays in the passing game.

The Eagles defense is better then Bengals, both against the run and pass and Mike Vick is a better QB then Andy Dalton. So I'm not predicting a blow out here but I got the Ravens wining 21-14, 24-14 or 24-17, I see the Ravens defense containing the Eagles offense and the Ravens offense. Making enough big plays on offense to give them a solid win, it should be a very good game tomorrow.

Liberty Pen: Harry Browne 2002: Maximizing Personal Freedom

II love the message of maximize freedom as a Liberal. Because I believe people have the right to live their own lives. Again their own lives not trying to live other people’s lives for them. But that we should be able to live our own lives as we see fit as long as we are not hurting anyone else with what we are doing. It’s the anti-statist, or Progressive, or Neoconservative message, because it says that it’s not government’s job to protect us from ourselves. But to inform the citizenry of what the consequences of our decisions are. And then its up to us as the people to make these decisions for ourselves.

Again as long as we are not hurting anyone else with what we are doing. It doesn’t say that we have the right to hurt people, just the right to make our own decisions and then holds us accountable for our own decisions that we make as a country. Rather than government trying to live our lives for us. It’s the ultimate message of pro-choice, but it just doesn’t relate to abortion, but how we live our own personal lives. What we can do with our own money, rather than government trying to make these decisions for us. The message of personal freedom and responsibility. That the people aren’t prisoners and not the job of government to direct our lives for us.