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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

FRSDailyJournal: Pro Football Weekly: Week One Preview: Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens: Good Week One Test

This will be the first opportunity for Ravens fans and the rest of the NFL to see if the Ravens offense. Is ready to take that step and become the Leaders of this club, can they lead their team to victory, rather then playing a part, just scoring enough points to win, that a lot of times in the. Past coming off of great field position thats set up by their great defenses or scoring off of takeaways from their great defenses. The simple fact is the Ravens offense is going to have to not only be good but perhaps one of the top ten offenses in the National Football League this year for the Ravens to not only be an NFC North contender but an AFC contender as well. Even with the injuries that the Ravens have on defense and the fact that they are getting older and hopefully they'll. Have Rush End Terrell Suggs back by November, the defense simply won't be dominant in the NFL this year, perhaps not in the top ten and an average Ravens offense that relies on the run and making a few key passes. Won't be good enough for the Ravens in 2012, 17-20 points a game which is all that they needed in the past, won't be good enough in 2012, they won't even make the AFC Playoffs. With that type of offensive output, the play in the best division in the NFL in the AFC North.

As I already said last week about the Cincinnati Bengals, they won't surprise anyone in 2012, which is what they probably did last year. And they weren't very good in the AFC North and beat a lot of mediocre and bad teams and since they were a playoff team last year, they'll be playing a lot of good teams. In 2012, including six games against good teams in the AFC North alone, starting at Baltimore tomorrow night and where they got swept by the Ravens last year. Because they couldn't stop Ravens RB Ray Rice who had 295 Rushing Yards in those two games, plus the fact that he's also a great threat as a receiver out of the backfield as well. And the Ravens defense was able to contain the Bengals offense in both games, part of that by keeping the ball. Away from them by running it so well, so Monday night we'll see if the Bengals defense will be able to step up against the Ravens offense and will the Ravens offense be able to take the next step against the Bengals defense.

Week one Monday Night Football on ESPN should be a great game and a great way to kickoff Monday Night Football in 2012. Between two clubs that are sorta in transition, one team in the Ravens trying to become a more offensive minded club that can win games on offense on a regular basis. And we'll see how good their defense still is and see if the Bengals are ready to take the next step on defense and be a good team every year, consistent winners. Instead of just making the playoffs once every few years.