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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pro Football Weekly: Will the Redskins, Jets or Buccaneers be Playoff Contenders in 2012?

I'm not that familiar with the Buccaneers or Jets, even though I'm somewhat familiar with the Jets in the preseason that they had. With all the trouble they had on offense this summer and the national attention that they got but the Redskins are my team and I'm very familiar with them. And they are definitely an improved team from their 5-11 record in 2011 and I know they play in probably. The second best division in the NFL the NFC East, where every team hates each other but the Redskins are good enough to compete in this division, they swept the Super Bowl Champion Giants last year. Should've beaten the Cowboys at least once if not swept them last year and got beaten badly by the Eagles but they are improved on both sides of the ball. They have better weapons on offense, with QB Robert Griffin, a three man running attack at RB, four if you include Griffin. They have better WR's and more depth this year with Pierre Garcone and Josh Morgan to go along with Santana Moss and Fred Davis will be the starting TE from the start. The Redskins could win their share of games in the NFC East, the Eagles could take a step back and the Redskins will be playing a last place schedule.

I'm not sold on the Redskins as a playoff contender but they are much better then 5-11 and are good enough to win 8-9 games and if things go well and they avoid big injuries. This team could emerge as a serious playoff contender going into December, how they do in the NFC East will determine that. But don't be surprise if the Redskins aren't at least in the playoff chase in 2012 and we'll see where they go from there if that happens.