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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Objective Standard: Craig Biddle: Is Objectivism a Cult?

Craig Biddle
The Objective Standard: Craig Biddle: Is Objectivism a Cult?

I don't see Randianism as a cult, but the inspirational leader for American libertarianism. Even though Ayn Rand wasn't an official Libertarian. Just like John F. Kennedy is the inspirational leader for Liberals such as myself and Ronald Reagan is the inspirational leader of Conservatives. And Franklin Roosevelt in an inspirational Leader for Progressives. Now, some of the followers of Ayn Rand at times do seem like cult followers with some of their conspiracy theories that government is out to get them and that type of thing. But the movement by itself I don't see as some type of cult.

Ayn Rand objectivism, is that the individual should always be that. "That the individual is always first. And when people start concerning themselves with the affairs and worries of others, than somehow collectivism would sink in." Again, Ayn Rand, is not a Libertarian. Even Libertarians believe in private charity. And some Conservative Libertarians, even though they wouldn't have created the New Deal, or Great Society, aren't looking to eliminate it. For practical reasons mostly, but would like to see it run a lot better with private options for people who receive social services.

So when you talk about Ayn Rand and objectivism, you shouldn't try to link it with libertarianism, or conservatism. Even though so-called Progressives and Socialists will aways do that. Because libertarianism and objectivism are two different things. Libertarians, believe in a minimal government, at least classical Libertarians. And that the safety net and charity should only be run by the private sector and with no government involvement. Objectivists, aren't even fans of private charity. And that individuals should always be left to solve their own problems.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Common Sense Capitalism: Video: The Phil Donahue Show: Ayn Rand- The Altruism of the Soviet Union

Common Sense Capitalism: Video: The Phil Donahue Show: Ayn Rand- The Altruism of the Soviet Union

Ayn Rand on Russian communism on the Phil Donahue Show from 1979, saying that Russian Communists believed that people weren’t people. But collections of the state, subjected to whatever the state wanted them to do. The difference between authoritarianism and liberal democracy. With authoritarianism depending on what type of authoritarianism we are talking about, it’s all about the state. A big centralized government, where all power is centralized in one political party generally.

And the people are there not to live their lives, but to serve the state. And once they get out of line, decide to live their own lives, or speak out against the state, they do that at their own risk. And risk severe harm to not only them, but their families as well. Just one of many difference between living in an authoritarian state which is what Soviet Russia was, or living in a liberal democracy like the United States. In a liberal democracy and free society, people tend to control their own lives. And then have to deal with the consequences of their decisions for good and bad.

In a communist state, to use as an example, individuals don’t exist. It is all about the state and the state is the society. Meaning the big central government decides what everyone needs and what everyone can do and use and just about everything else. Everyone in the country, is there to serve the state and especially the Communist Party and communism. Not there to make the best out of life that they can for themselves and their families. If freedom scares you and you don’t think you would be able to manage your own life, trying doing time in jail, or prison. Or living in a communist society, because freedom won’t be something that you would ever have to deal with.

ProFootballWeekly: Chicago Bears Hold on to Beat Charlotte Panthers

Da Bears holding on and the Panthers almost avoid losing another game

Thursday, October 25, 2012

ReutersTV: Impact Players With Robert Wolf: David Stern: There's Only One Dream Team

Commissioner Stern is correct, there's only one Dream Team

Pro Football Weekly: Why the New Orleans Saints Need to Adjust Roman Harper's role

If the New Orleans Saints win Sunday, they are back in the playoff race

Sky News: Cesar Millan, Dog Whisperer, Rejects Cruelty Claims

Dogs, are similar to humans in this sense, that they have to get to know you and trust that you aren't there to hurt them. Before they will open up to you and trust you and once you accomplish that and you know how to approach them, they'll love you. I have a hard time buying (and not because money is tight) that Cesar Milan abuses dogs or any other pets. Of course he could be an Oscar caliber actor on his show and that his show is nothing but an act. And that while he pretends to be this great animal psychologist on TV, in his free time he beats dogs and cats with a whip for the hell of it, or to take out on his anger at whatever is pissing off at the time. I just don't see that.

He reminds me of the great adolescent phycologist who works with lets say troubled urban high school students who grow up in rough neighborhoods. Where their father is not around and if their mother works at all she works two low-income jobs just to support her kids and doesn't have the time to look after them during the day. But this great teacher or psychologist who is probably a former Marine, or something comes in. And teaches these kids how to behave and get with the program. And how important school is to their future and all of that. Its hard to imagine someone like that as a bullshit artist. Who talks a great game in public, but in private is just as bad as the assholes that he has turned around made productive people out of.

Cesar Milan, at least to me, seems like that guy you want to have around. When your dog doesn't know how to behave, or has no interest in behaving and you've tried everything else that you can think of. And you're just desperate, so you go on national TV and bring your home problems to the public. (Talk about desperation) So you bring in the Dog Whisperer to teach your dog how to behave and become a responsible member of the family. How to respond to their parents and other family members. Respond to commands, how to behave on walks, even how to go to the bathroom and anything else. I have a hard time believing that someone like that who clearly loves dogs and has such great skill at training them, would in private be abusive to them and perhaps even criminal.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Henry Hanrahan Edits: The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time: Sometimes You Should Just Get it Off Your Chest

Greatest Insults
What I get out of this video, is that we shouldn’t be around the bush. If we are really pissed at someone or see them as complete losers and don’t give a damn about what they think, we should simply just tell them. “Don’t beat around the bush, tell them what you really think”. I’m perfectly cool with that, the only thing is I tend to go out of my way not to be around people I see as complete assholes or morons. Call me crazy, but I don’t like hanging out with assholes or morons. I know more than I care to admit to and I tend to want to be at least a zip code away from them so I don’t have to admit that I actually know that person. Like if I’m ever under oath having to testify about their latest boneheaded screwup.

Now if I just happen to be around an asshole who thinks they are as big and great as Godzilla, even though a baby could step on them and they get in my face and we have a little argument, by all means I’ll more than defend myself especially verbally, if simply laughing at them and trying to move on doesn’t work. There are times that assholes need to know what they are, if anything to give them incentive not get into someone else’s face in the future and bring a squirt gun to a machine gun fight. And I’m talking about real machine guns with real bullets, not a water machine gun.

Insults obviously have their place in life and without them some people would have no idea about big of a loser or asshole they are. Because they would never get it anyway and need that light to go off in their head and to get the point that they have serious flaws that need to be addressed. My issue is how you go about insulting someone. Do you bring yourself down to the level of the asshole that you’re putting down, or do you actually put some thought into how you critique that person.

Do you tell the asshole,”holy shit you’re a fucking moron!” Or do you put some thought like, “I would call you a fucking moron, but that would be an insult to fucking morons”. And there was a similar line like that in this video. Also swearing, if you have to swear to put someone down, you’re probably not much better off than the person you’re putting down. I realize how popular cussing and swearing is today and I get that and use it myself, but mostly when I’m pissed or shocked about something. Something like “holy shit! The Washington Redskins actually won a game”. If you are familiar with 2012 Redskins, or the Redskins in recent years, you know winning is like a holiday for them. It doesn’t happen that often and sometimes they even go months without winning.

I like put downs or insults that come with thought. I mean if you were to call me an asshole, mother fucker, go down the line, the most you’ll get from me is a smirk, because I’m probably laughing about the brain cramp you just had coming up with that. If you’re going to call someone stupid, give them an example of how stupid they are. “When God was passing out the brains, it was your day off, so you didn’t get one. Or he passed on you, because he didn’t think you were worth the effort or would try to sell your own brain”. You want to put me down or impress me with an insult, then impress and put some real thought into what you are trying to say.

ACCNetwork: ACC Now: Tallahassee Seminoles Leading Rusher Chris Thompson Out for Season

This is a big loss but the Seminoles have other weapons on offense, including in the running game

WBAL-TV Sports: NYY General Manager Brian Cashman Expects A-Rod to be Yankees 3B in 2013


Time for the New York Yankees and A-Rod to part ways and for the Yankees to start building. A
new team, thats not built around aging former superstars, who are now overpaid.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

ACCNetwork: Flashback: 2011 ACC Championship Game

The ACC Championship game has yet to live up to anything memorable, where you know both teams are not. Only great but win or lose, will be playing in a BCS Bowl, with a shot at the BCS Championship. The ACC is not a very strong football conference yet with this game.

Pro Football Weekly: Should Michael Vick be Replaced as Philadelphia Eagles Starting QB?

Michael Vick makes way too many mistakes to be my starting QB, you put pressure on him and he's not. Able to escape, he doesn't seem to know what to do and thats where a lot of his turnovers come from.

The Atlantic: Jon Stewart on How Obama Allowed Romney to Proceed into a Wall

Jon Stewart on How Obama Allowed Romney to Proceed into a Wall - Politics - The Atlantic Wire

Mitt Romney looked like he simply didn't know what was up in how President Obama responded to the Libya attacks. And managed to get corrected by the moderator on National TV as a result, he simply looked foolish.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ACCNetwork: Riley Skinner: Maryland Terrapins Freshman Phenom Stefon Diggs' Special Skills

Great to see Maryland Terrapins Football profiled in a positive way on the ACCNetwork

SBNation: Philip Rivers Fail: Broncos Win 35-24 in Comeback

For the life of me, I can't figure out why Norv Turner has managed to be the Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers. For as long as he has, now in his sixth season, with them consistently not playing as well as they've been capable of for all of this time, on both sides of the ball.

WBAL-TV Sports: Orioles Return Home To Excited, Thankful Fans

Orioles return hOme tO excited, thankful fans | WBAL Home - Baltimore Orioles

The 2012 Orioles season was a great ride while it lasted

Monday, October 15, 2012

Reason: Anthony Fisher: Jessica Blake & Erik Jenson on The Exonerated: True Stories of The Innocent Sprung From Death Row

Anyone whose pro-death penalty and I’m one of them, should be in favor of a long appeals process. To make sure that we get the right people, so to speak and not rush to put to death the wrong people. Not an appeals process that extends the process indefinitely, but that allows inmates and lawyers to bring new appeals, as long as they can bring new evidence that suggests that they may be innocent. So we are always executing the right people and not putting to death the wrong people.

That is the only way to make sure that the death penalty can be applied fairly. Putting the wrong person to death even by accident, whether you’re talking about manslaughter, or giving the wrong person the death penalty, is not a mistake that you can take back. I would be fine with a short appeals process without the death penalty. Because if the convicted murderers lawyers truly believe their client is innocent, they can still work on the case. And if they find evidence that proves their client is innocent, they can always present that evidence and open that case back up.

Every pro-death penalty person, especially if they consider themselves to be pro-life and pro-death penalty at the same time, should be in favor of a death penalty case like this. Because it makes their case for the death penalty better. That there isn’t a rush to put someone to death. Because they know if the person is guilty they’ll never leave prison anyway. And it gives opponents of the death penalty less evidence and a smaller case to use against the death penalty. And they would have a harder time saying that innocent people have been put to death because of the death penalty.

ACCNetwork: ACC Now: Surprising BCS Standings

Tallahassee got a much needed bounce back win Saturday and are still in position to get to the ACC Final

Pro Football Weekly: Seattle Seahawks Upset New England Patriots, Move Into First Place Tie

The New England Patriots are no longer a dominant team and the Seattle Seahawks are a real contender in the NFC West.

CBS Sports: FBS ACC 1982: Tallahassee @ Miami

The Tallahassee-Miami Rivalry was just heating up in 1982

Friday, October 12, 2012

Deidre Hall: Deidre Hall and Lynne Bowman on The Daily Buzz

Source: Deidre Hall-
Source: Deidre Hall: Deidre Hall and Lynne Bowman on The Daily Buzz- 10/12/2012

Deidre Hall, at least to me is the ultimate American Sweetheart. She’s gorgeous yes, but she is so freakin cute, baby-face adorable really and still is, now in her mid sixties. She doesn’t look much older now more than five years ago when I started watching the reruns of the soap operas as night. Because I had to work during the day. Everything she does, even the way she sits down and moves around or even talks on the phone and of course the way she speaks, makes me want to go, aw! Because she so sweet and has been one of the top soap actress’s, for what thirty years now. And has been on one of the top three soap operas ever since. Days of Our Lives, to go along with General Hospital, which is the best one of the bunch. And The Young and The Restless as well. And she’s just as sweet and funny in real life apparently, as she is on Days.

Seminoles.com: Game Preview: Tallahassee vs. Boston

A chance for the Seminoles to bounce back this weekend

WBAL-TV Sports: Orioles' Jason Hammel to Duel Against NYY CC Sabathia

Baltimore Orioles' Jason Hammel to duel against New York Yankees' CC Sabathia | Baltimore Orioles - WBAL Home

A battle of aces in Game 5

Thursday, October 11, 2012

NTD Sports: Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Clippers Clash in Beijing

The NBA is back

TSN: CFL 1993: Toronto Argonauts @ Sacramento Goldminers

Goldminers QB David Archer played for the Atlanta Falcons and RB Mike Olephant played for the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns. There was and still is plenty of NFL talent in the Canadian Football League.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pro Football Weekly: Who is the Better NFL Team, Falcons or Texans?

I won't be impressed with either team until they put a good playoff run together

HSE: CFL 1993: Vancouver Lions @ Sacramento Goldminers

The Sacramento Goldminers first season in the Canadian Football League and a market that could do well with Pro Football. And they'll probably get another look by the USFL for 2013.

WBAL-TV Entertainment: Mila Kunis: Esquire's Sexiest Woman

Mila Kunis: Esquire's sexiest woman | Entertainment - WBAL Home

Mila Kunis is certainly a baby face adorable women and definitely one of the cutest people in the World. But to say a grown women who could still pass for 16, is the sexiest women in the World, when there are so many other more attractive and sexier women in the World. Including women old enough to be Mila's mother, is a huge stretch.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ACC Network: Defensive Coordinator Al Groh Fired From Georgia Tech?

Not very surprising, the Georgia Tech defense has been awful so far and its only a question do they lack talent. Or was Al Groh and Head Coach Paul Johnson not utilizing the talent they have very well.

Cher Vevo: Cher- If I Could Turn Back Time - Live at VH1 Divas 1999

Source: Cher Vevo- Cher-
Source: Cher Vevo: Cher- If I Could Turn Back Time- Live at VH1 Divas 1999

The only Cher song that I like and perhaps because of the candor in it. A song about regret and I think it was about her relationship with Sunny Bono, a great classic rock song. This performance was part of VH1's Divas series that they did annually in the late 1990s and early 2000s. No idea if they still do that, but Cher whatever you think of her certainly qualifies as a diva. Great voice, great personality, great body, certainly very entertaining. And she's lived a hell of a life and with comes with that comes a lot of regret. Things you wish you shouldn't have said and done and perhaps got caught up in the moment and took out your anger on someone. "If I Could Turn Back Time", again great song, but it is sort of like saying, "if only I owned a helicopter, I would be able to avoid rush hour traffic everyday." People aren't tested by what they would have changed if they could go back. You learn from mistakes and then move on. We are tested by how react and carry ourselves in the moment. The better we do in real-time, the fewer mistakes that we'll make as we move on.

WBAL-TV Sports: Another 1 Run Win For the Orioles, As They Beat NYY 3-2


The Orioles pitching was simply dominant tonight

Monday, October 8, 2012

Reason: Kennedy: The Cast of Atlas Shrugged Part II Talks Film's Impact

Atlas Shrugged written by Ayn Rand reminds me of someone who I guess knows the world is about to explode and they're going to die anyway and basically says, "what the hell? I have nothing to lose at this point. I can do whatever I want, because I'm going to die anyway. So thats exactly what I'm going to do." The world is literally on fire and I'm writer and I can write anything I want. Because no one is going to read it anyway. And even if someone does read it, no one is going to remember it, because everyone is going to be dead." Atlas Shrugged, is a complete and total fantasy with really no base in reality in it. And looks like something that was written by someone who perhaps had months to live, who was a writer and decides to write whatever they want at this point. With no editor to answer to, because no one is going to read it anyway.

Atlas Shrugged, is essentially a fantasy about what can happen when the private sector and a capitalist economy is regulated. Its not about what can happen when a developed, or highly developing country with a strongly growing an educated middle class, where poverty is shrinking, is taken over by Marxist revolutionaries. That decides to outlaw political parties, private property, starts detaining people who oppose them and nationalizes industries. We already know that story because we've seen it before. Lebanon comes to mind and perhaps you could make a case for Cuba as well. That would be a good book and movie and it would sell well if their done right. Atlas Shrugged, written by Ayn Rand in 1957, there hasn't been an example of a regulated private enterprise economy that has collapsed just because it is regulated, since that book was written.

Atlas Shrugged, which I'm sure is very clever and well-done and written by Ayn Rand, that shouldn't be a surprise. But as a movie it sounds like bad sci-fi movie from the Sci-Fi Channel. Every developed country in the world operates under some form of rule of law. That government is not there to tell people who to live their own lives and control our movement's, or anything like that. There isn't a single developed country in the world that is a Marxist state, or some type of authoritarian state from the Far-Right. But all developed countries do regulate how people interact with each other and regulate the economy. Not to run business's, but to protect customer's and workers. And economies can be over regulated and when that happens they struggle. But they all have some type of regulatory state that is there to protect workers and consumers from predators. And Ayn Rand lived in a great developed country like that for a very long time. That being America.

Pro Football Weekly: Why the Green Bay Packers' Offense Needs RB Cedric Benson in Order to be Dominant

The Packers offense needs a running game, to give them balance, especially when they play defenses that. Can get to the QB with just their D Line, like the New York Giants or Chicago Bears or Minnesota Vikings, a good running game would also take pressure off of their weak defense and QB Aaron Rodgers.

Pro Football Weekly: 49ers, Vikings, Bears Win in Blowout Fashion in Week 5

Da Bears look fo real fo show, to speak ebonics

Sunday, October 7, 2012

SBNation: Dallas Cowboys 2012 Quarter Pole Progress Report

The Dallas Cowboys simply have too much talent to be a 500 team and I don't know if its a problem. With the coaching staff or Tony Romo making too many mistakes, but they should be 3-1 or 4-0 right now.

ACC Network: Virginia Cavaliers vs Duke Blue Devils Highlights: Blue Devils Win 42-17

The Blue Devils look for real and a legitimate bowl team already