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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

ESPN: Video: NBA: No Big Trades For Boston Celtics: What This Means For The Washington Wizards

No big move for the Wizards a team thats still twenty plus games under 500 starting the second half of the season. And a team that looks like there's plenty of potential at least on paper and perhaps ready to contend in the Eastern Conference in 2014. If they stay healthy but trading away one of your best guards and scorers for an injured player and an unknown as far as Wizards fans. Are concern looks to me at least like a big mistake at least on paper and if you are going to make a move. Like this and know you are rebuilding and you are in the trade market to hopefully make your team better. The idea is to trade quality for quality or more quality and at least get some draft picks in return. I don't see this even as a cheap salary cap move because Jordan Crawford is still very young with a lot of potential left. And hasn't seen his big payday yet and still has some years before he'll see that money. But hopefully Wizards General Manager Ernie Grunfeld sees something positive in this move that I don't see that will pay off for the Wizards long term.