Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

FRS Real Life Journal: Outfit of The Day- Jeans and Boots

Source: FRS FreeState via Flickr- Classic winter look for American women. Skin-tight denim jeans in boots.
Strange video and not just because she was speaking in another language, I believe Italian. But that she felt the need to get herself so close to her computer I guess in order to get herself filmed. That she didn’t use a cam corder or something that could record from a distance and we could see her moving around or sitting down, or have someone film her. Instead of her just making the video right in front of her computer like she was uploading something for Facebook or MySpace, or a dating site or something.

But having said all that, pretty good with a good sense of style. Looking like a woman who is going out shopping in a big city on the weekend or something. With the makeup, jacket, great jeans and nice boots as well.
SSierra Mike: Outfit of The Day- Jeans in Boots