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Life is a Highway
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Friday, March 8, 2013

WBAL-TV: Sports: NHLPA OKs NHL's Proposed Realignment: A Better Way to Realign The NHL

NHLPA OKs NHL's proposed realignment | Sports - WBAL Home

I got a much better way to realign the NHL with its current thirty teams but also for it to be able to expand and perhaps go from two conferences. To at least three conferences or even four which would be great for Canada as well as the Southeast in the United States and have them travel less to far and away. Places that would also create new rivalries in the National Hockey League instead of having Canadian franchises play in separate conferences. Or have teams like the Columbus Bluejackets or Detroit Red Wings who are both eastern time zone markets having to play in the Western Conference. And having to make regular trips to the West Coast especially into Alberta and British Columbia in Canada. Its great that the NHL has seven Canadian franchises because this is a Canadian sport. And America shares a three thousand mile long border with them but one of the problems with having so many Canadian. Franchises in what's basically an American sports league with all of the American cities that have NHL franchises. Is that it leaves out major markets in America that could support NHL franchises, like Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Cleveland to use. As a few examples, Salt Lake, Seattle and Portland would be others and my plan would fix that.

Canada should have its own league or at least its own conference that would still compete with America for the Stanley Cup if not play them in the regular season as well. And have more of a North American Hockey League not just in reality but technically as well since 1/4 NHL franchises are from Canada. So I would move all of the Canadian franchises to a Canadian Conference and even look to expand back to. Quebec and Hamilton and perhaps even Regina as well as have a ten team conference there. And then have two American conferences with the rest of the NHL but they would both be National conferences. Meaning no longer the East and West but more like the American and the National where all teams would have. To travel out West or to the East or Midwest once or twice a year to play each team. Instead of basically just Detroit, Chicago, Columbus and Nashville having to go out West ten times a year or. More instead each team not from the West Coast would have to do that once or twice a year.

So what I would do basically with the NHL is create its version of the Super Bowl or Final Four when it comes to the Stanley Cup. And have a best of three that would be competed for from the champions of the American, National and Canadian conferences to see whose the best pro hockey team in. North America and make it a real international event and give some new life to the Stanley Cup and also. Save major league hockey in Canada because now they would basically have their own league.