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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sky Sports: Sky Sports Classic- EPL- Liverpool Reds vs Newcastle United- 4-3- 3/10/1997

An actual shootout in English soccer. I didn't see this game obviously not being a regular viewer of the English Soccer League. But if there were more soccer games like this in America I think Major League Soccer would be a much more popular league. Americans regardless of the sport and perhaps even the activity, like action. We don't need to see high scoring games all the time, but we like it when offenses play a major role and when games simply aren't dominated by defense. We like defense to and that is one of the reasons why American football is still so popular. But I believe the main reason why professional major league soccer hasn't caught on as well in America as in the United Kingdom and Europe, is because the rules in soccer are so oriented towards defense. With the offsides rule, just to use as an example. But this game right here is where the offenses stepped up and you saw a more balance soccer game. Instead of both teams essentially playing for a scoreless tie. And you open up the rules in soccer more and liberalize the game and it could be more popular in America.