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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

COZI TV: September of Hitchcock

The Master-
This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal Plus

No complaints here, I’m a big Alfred Hitchcock fan. Hitchcock movies is one of the few marathons that I could spend a day watching. (Well, at least several hours before I decided to get a life or something.) Because he covers everything that I like about movies. You get the whole package from Hitch. Mystery, suspense, thriller, action, adventure, drama and comedy. Well those are all the movie genres that I tend to watch. But one thing that makes Hitch special, is that you get all of those genres all in the same movie. North by Northwest, by personal favorite movie of all-time, is a perfect example of that. To Catch a Thief, would be another great example, as well as Rear Window.

Similar to Clint Eastwood, Hitch can make you laugh and be amazed not just in the same movie, but in the same scenes. Like with a guy kicking someone’s ass, or winning a great car chase and then making a great wisecrack about it. Which is why I believe Alfred Hitchcock is the greatest all around director of all-time. Alfred Hitchcock, was someone who combined a great knack for wit and drama, similar to Martin Scorsese and was so good at both, that instead of making a lot of dramatic movies and a lot of comedies, I guess decided to save himself some time and just combine both drama and comedy into his films. Martin Scorsese, did the same thing with movies like Goodfellas and Casino. So if you’re someone who likes variety in your movies and not just looking for one type of genre, Alfred Hitchcock would be the perfect director for you.

So, yeah I could spend a Saturday or Sunday, after running my errands and at least making sure I enough to eat and drink in the house, so I don’t starve to death or die of thirst, watching an Alfred Hitchcock marathon. Start with lets say Rear Window or Vertigo and check out Kim Novak and Grace Kelly for about five hours and then watch To Catch a Thief and North by Northwest after that. Again with Grace as well as Eva Marie Saint. And feel like this was time well spent, because it was fun. But a better way to do something like this is to do it in a group. With friends who also love Hitch, or do it with your family who also love Hitch, or do it with your girlfriend. (Just don’t check out Grace, Kim and Eva too closely) Because one thing about Hitch was that he was never boring. And always keeps you watching.