Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Waters 1964: Video: ESPN: USFL 1985-Week 14-Memphis Showboats @ Portland Breakers: Short Video

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Playing pro football in a baseball park which is what Portland Civic Stadium was before they converted it to a soccer stadium. And Portland will need a football stadium if they are going to get another major league pro football franchise. But Memphis and Portland are markets that the USFL should’ve been looking at back then and should be looking at today. If they are serious about coming back. Something they’ve talked about since 2011-12. Because these are markets that are not currently occupied by the NFL. And they wouldn’t have to compete with the NFL for their fans. And Memphis and Portland are major markets that can both support major league football franchises. Which is what the old USFL was and what a new USFL would be. If they get an agreement with the NFL about training their players in the spring.