Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Liberty Pen: Milton Friedman- A Conversation On The Free Market

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We need to get past the notions of free market and free enterprise. Because those things simply do not exist in the developed world as much as Libertarians or economic Libertarians, like to use these terms. But they are talking about things that aren’t real. Any economic system that is subjected to taxes and regulations which exist everywhere in the developed world, as well as developing world are not part of any free market. What developed nations or developing nations that are developing fast like Brazil or Mexico or China have, as well as the developed world have are private markets and private enterprise. Private enterprise, is a private economic system run by individuals. But subjected to taxes and regulations by government. To perform government services that individuals consume.

And the difference between free enterprise and private enterprise or private markets and free markets and private enterprise and free enterprise, is that in a private enterprise system like in America or Canada to use as examples, is that they have private enterprise economic system. Where a lot or most of the economy is in private hands owned by people, not government. Which is a private sector, but these private enterprises are subjected to taxes and regulations by government. If these countries had free markets and free enterprise, these private companies wouldn’t be subjected to taxes and regulations. Private companies, aren’t free to be bigoted towards their employees, or potential employees, or customers. Or free to pollute the air. They would be in a free market however.

In a true free enterprise system, (and not a made up one) private companies could essentially if not in complete actuality, do whatever they want under law with their companies. Because they wouldn’t have to pay any taxes, or have to deal with regulations, like monopoly laws, because there would essentially be no rules of the road. Because it would be a free market economic system. That is just not the economic system that we have in America, or anywhere else in the developed world. As much as Ayn Randian’s dream about in their fantasies for that to come about. If you truly believe in a free market and free enterprise, then you would be against things like corporate welfare. And other taxpayer-funded investments in the economy. And let the true free market decide the success’ and failures of private business’s.

Why, because you don’t want government involvement in the economy and taking taxpayer money. But many so-called Conservatives, support corporate welfare and don’t even view it as welfare. So lets stop throwing around labels and terms as if they don’t have any real meaning. We obviously don’t have a socialist economic system at least in a pure form. And no developed country does. (And thank God for that!) But again no developed country in the world has an economic system where charity and economic assistance, is in complete private hands. Where taxes and regulations don’t exist. Which is a great thing, because if we did we wouldn’t have the national highway system, to use as an example. Because that wouldn’t be very profitable for private companies.

Ricola: Video: CBS Sports: NBA 1987-4/5-Boston Celtics @ Philadelphia 76ers: Full Game

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First of all, the 76ers pregame show, a classic for me, because of those Philly accents. I was cracking up listening to those guys. But as far as this game, 1987 was a transition season for the 76ers. And 76ers fans might tell you it was the next chapter in the fall of the Philadelphia 76ers. After trading both Moses Malone and Terry Catledge, two solid big men with a lot of potential for them. In Moses’s case, I believe one of the top five centers of all-time. Trading Moses and Catledge to the Bullets for two guys who didn’t play much for the 76ers. Jeff Ruland, who was never the same after the 1985 season, when he was an All Star center. And Cliff Robinson who didn’t play much for the 76ers.

The 76ers championship days were over after the 86 season. They traded Moses and Catledge and then Julius Erving retires after the 87 season. Leaving the 76ers with just Charles Barkley as their only great player. And they were never able to be more than a second round playoff club with Sir Charles as their leader on the court. They never had a great head coach with him and never had great talent around them. Trading Moses told 76ers fans that championships were too expensive to play for and that they’ll just pay to win enough to make the NBA Playoffs and perhaps have a shot at advancing. If they are not playing the Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons or Chicago Bulls in the first round.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Liam Leahy: Video: NBA 1986, The Boston Celtics Win Sweet Sixteen

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1986 was a very interesting NBA season with the upstart Houston Rockets with their twin towers Hakeem and Ralph Sampson. And their very good and up incoming backcourt Mitchell Wiggins Louis Lloyd and of course the Rockets upsetting the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Finals. And of course the 1986 Boston Celtics who had the MVP in forward Larry Bird who was the best player in the NBA in 1986. And leading the Celtics to the 1986 NBA Finals Championship over the Houston Rockets. 
And perhaps the 1986 Celtics were the best passing team and big team of all-time. With all of their stars and former stars upfront, in Larry Bird a 6'9 small forward who was big and strong enough to be an all star power forward. But with great passing, ball handling and shooting skills of the great small forward and the best small forward of all-time that he definitely is. And the two great big man down low in power forward Kevin McHale and center Robert Parish. And if that is not great enough, Bill Walton off the bench. 
But 1986 wasn't just about the Celtics and Rockets. You also had the Lakers taking a step back and not just failing to defend their 1985 championship, but not even getting back to the NBA Finals. You had the emergence in the Eastern Conference Playoffs with the Atlanta Hawks. Who looked like they were going to be an Eastern contender for years to come led by Dominique Wilkins and the emergence of the Detroit Pistons as a serious Eastern Conference contender as well. 
1986 was a great year for the NBA, because it proved that the NBA was more than just the Lakers and Celtics and even Philadelphia 76ers. That there were other very good if not great teams that were perhaps just one or two players away from winning the NBA Finals as well. Like the Rockets, Hawks and Pistons and even the Dallas Mavericks. That the future of the NBA was going to very good if not great.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Bob Smith: Video: CBS Sports: NFL 1986-NFC Final-Washington Redskins @ New York Giants: First Half

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I think the Redskins-Giants rivalry was my favorite NFC East rivalry of the 1980s. Because they were both Super Bowl contenders at the same time. Both big tough physical teams on both offense and defense, both very good on both sides of the ball. And both teams simply disliked each other, but also respected each other to the point that they always gave the other team their best effort which is all you can hope for a great rivalry. Which is what Redskins-Giants was back then and of course still is today. 
As far as this game the Redskins defense played well enough for them to win only giving up seventeen-points. But when you don’t score anything, you can’t beat anyone and the Redskins had some opportunities on offense. Like dropping some deep passes down the field that probably would’ve resulted in touchdowns. WR Gary Clark comes to mind, but the Giants simply outplayed the Redskins in this game and deserved to win it. 
I think home field advantage is overrated in the NFL, but Giants Stadium was a different story when the Giants were good. Because they were a powerful team on both sides of the ball and I'm talking about physically. And they were very good as well and size and strength plays very well in brutal cold weather. Especially when it is windy and you play on a really hard field like the Giants Stadium astroturf. And then you throw in the fact that the Giants knew how to play with the weather in that stadium. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

MLB Classics: Video: ABC Sports: MLB 1986-NLCS-Game 3-Houston Astros @ New York Mets: Full Game

An interesting matchup in the 1986 NLCS, because it sort of looked like a miss-match on paper. The Mets clearly looked like the best all around team in MLB in 1986 and dominated the National League. One of the best teams since divisional play started in MLB in 1969. They had great pitching, starting and the bullpen. A very good defense and very good, deep and balanced lineup offensively, as well as a very good bench. They had both speed and power in their lineup and Davey Johnson was their manager. All of these qualities for one team tend to equal MLB World Series champion.

The 1986 Astros sort of reminds me of the 1969 Mets. Very good pitching, very good defense and a lineup that only seemed to produce enough hits and runs for the team to win. This would’ve been a miss-match had the Astros not of gotten the pitching and defense that they did in this series. And they got a lot of timely hitting Kevin Bass in this series who had a career year and didn’t do much pre-86 or after 86. Which sounds like several New York Mets of 1969. The Astros did enough in 86 to make this series one of the best NLCS’s of all-time.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nat Shuk: Video: CBS Sports: NBA 1975-NBA Finals-Game 3-Washington Wizards @ San Francisco Warriors: First Half

The Bullets down 0-2 in this series after losing game one at home and game two on the road. Don’t know why the NBA scheduled the NBA Finals that way back then going home and home instead of the first two games at one arena and the next two at the other team’s arena, but that is a different story. The Bullets still in San Francisco trying to avoid being down 0-3 in this series, a series that they were supposed to win going in and were a heavy favorite. And yes the Warriors played very well in this series. But the Bullets probably didn’t take them seriously enough and had a big let down.

I think the Bullets were also out coached in this series. Al Attles did a great job in this series and always made the right moves and knew from the first game how his team needed to play to beat the Bullets. K.C. Jones for the Bullets never figured out the Warriors and exactly what they were doing and how to attack them. And they were never really able to get their big man power forward Elvin Hays involved and dominating a smaller team that the Warriors had. And not having Elvin at his best cost the Bullets in this series.
Oakland Warriors

John Bonifas: Video: NBA 1979-NBA Finals-Game 5-Seattle Sonics @ Washington Wizards: Fourth Quarter

The 1979 NBA Finals was one of the closest played NBA Finals of all-time. Even though it was just a five-game series with Seattle winning the series. But the games were very close, it’s just that the Sonics made more plays, especially in the clutch than the Bullets. The key bucket, the key defensive stop, the key rebound. Similar to the 1975 NBA Finals between the Bullets and San Francisco Warriors, the Sonics simply played better as a team than the Bullets. Even though I at least believe the Bullets had better personal in both 75 and 79 and finally won the NBA Finals in 78.

I’m not sure we ever got to see how good the Bullets could’ve been in the 1970s. I don’t think we ever saw the great team that they had the potential to be, at least not in the NBA Finals. The 1978 team that finally won the Finals, was 44-38 in the regular season. They had all sorts of injuries during the regular season and didn’t play very consistently. Finally got healthy late in the 78 season in time to make the great playoff run that they did in the Eastern Conference. And beating the Sonics at Seattle in-game 7 to finally win their first NBA Finals.
Seattle Sonics

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ginoong Kamote: Video: NBA 1978-NBA Finals-Game 7-Washington Wizards @ Seattle Sonics: Highlights

1978 was the NBA Finals that the Bullets looked ready for and ready to play and win. Rather than expecting to win it, because they were there in 1975. So you see a much more professional and better prepared Bullets teams in this finals, than you did in 1975 when they were swept by the San Francisco Warriors. The Bullets almost won game 1 in Seattle, I believe at the Kingdome and won all three home games in Landover at the Capital Centre. So winning this game is something that was perhaps not surprising to the Bullets themselves, because they knew how close they were in game 1 at Seattle.

Sometimes very good if not great teams need to lose and lose big even when it comes to championships. Because they really aren’t as good as people around them think they are and have a tendency to believe their own hype and rely on that to win. Instead of continuing to do what got them to the championship in the first place which was being a great team and playing like one. And beating very good if not great teams just to get to the championship. And that might be what happened to the Bullets in 75. That they needed to learn to be a champion, you have to play like one and not expect it to happen, simply because of who you are.
Washington Bullets

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Movie Clips: Airplane! 1980- Crash Positions

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Damn! I would hate to land an airplane with a crew like that to work with. Especially with a bomber on the plane with his bomb going off. Not sure what to take away from Airplane! Was this a movie of passengers busy people who need to get from Los Angeles to Chicago? Was this a movie of mental patients including the crew that are being transported from Los Angeles to Chicago where they can get the care that they need. Or be treated at a cheaper facility. Or a movie that just happened to have every screwball in Los Angeles and decided to try to send them to Chicago.

Maybe I have it now. Airplane was a movie where the City of Los Angeles decided that they simply had too many screwballs in their fair city and of course it only took them fifty-years to figure that out. But we’re talking about Los Angeles here where cults are fairly common at least back in the 1970s and 60s, this movie was made in 1979-80 and screwballs are fairly common there and L.A. figured that out and decided to try to send as many screwballs as they possibly could and try to send them to Chicago.
Movie Clips: Airplane! 1980- Crash Positions

NBA-TV: Video: NBC Sports: NBA-1991-NBA Finals-Game 5-Chicago Bulls @ Los Angeles Lakers: Highlights

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This was one of the best games in NBA Finals history. And had Big Game James Worthy been healthy and played this game for the Lakers, this game would’ve been different. Because it would’ve meant less double-teaming on Earvin Johnson. With Scottie Pippen or Michael Jordan having to cover James Worthy or Horace Grant having to cover James Worthy. And not being able to help out on Magic as much without getting burned by it.

This should’ve been one of the best NBA Finals in NBA history and not a five-game series, with the Bulls dominating at least two of them. But where this series goes back to Chicago at least for game 6. But the Lakers not having all of their weapons and not being as good as they were in the late 1980s, meant that this great Bulls teams was playing an inferior Lakers team even with Magic for their first NBA Championship.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Ghost: Network 1976- Howard Beale: We're In A Lot Of Trouble!

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal Plus

This is one of the best scenes from one of my favorite movies Network from 1976. Because it perfectly explained the economic and cultural situation’s of America in the mid-1970s. That was going though a bad recession with high unemployment. People’s pay going down with only the wealthy doing well and seeing their income climbing. With corporations getting bigger and fewer as well ,with Howard Beale played by Peter Finch essentially saying enough!

But at the same time what Howard Beale is doing in this scene, is giving Americans a constructive lecture about American society. Saying that too much of their realty comes from the tube. Meaning the TV obviously, not YouTube and that not enough Americans were getting real information about life and not doing a good enough job of educating themselves. Not reading enough and doing enough constructive activities. That Americans reality was too much based on what they saw on TV.

Howard Beale telling the country that too much of our realty came from TV, especially Hollywood. That the top cop or hero (name the show) always gets the bad guy even if things look horrible when, because they still have the rest of the hour to save the day. That no one dies or loses their job, even in a bad recession that the country was going through in 1974-75 and this movie came out just after that, but no one loses their job or dies in the hit TV show family.

He was telling Americans to get up and wake up and take responsibility over their lot in life, because no one was going to do that for them. That TV is exactly that and real life is what they live everyday and if they want to succeed in life, they need to make that happen for themselves. That Americans even Americans who are successful do lose their job. That people even in successful families get and die from cancer and that the hero in life is not always able to save the day. That life is much more real and complicated than that.
The Ghost: Network 1976- Howard Beale; We're In a Lot of Trouble

Michal US: Video: PRISM Sports: NBA 1990-ECSF-Game 3-Chicago Bulls @ Philadelphia 76ers: First Quarter

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The Bulls and 76ers had an interesting good little rivalry in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I believed they played each other three straight years in the playoffs from 89-91. With the Bulls winning each series, but they played a lot of good games against each other as well as in the regular season as well when the Bulls were contending for championships and the 76ers were back in the playoffs on a regular basis, but never advancing pass the semifinal round.The 76ers were good enough to beat the Bulls at home, but not good enough to beat them in a seven-game series. Because other than Charles Barkley, they didn’t have a another player that could consistently hurt the Bulls. Which meant Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen could both have big games for the Bulls. Without the 76ers having anyone who could counter them.

Monday, September 16, 2013

BTRO: Airplane 1980- Food Poisoning Scene: Good Reason Not to Eat Airline Food

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal Plus

One of the funniest scenes in the movie which is really saying something because the humor in this movie was so ironic and not very obvious or cookie-cutter that most of the humor in this movie came from this movie. Rather than using lines and humor that were used a lot in other movies and the movie was done so well, that they could make what seem like little jokes or comments seem hysterical. Because a lot of silly things were taken literally in the movie. Like the Robert Hays line, “this is a totally different way of flying all together”. With the Leslie Nielson and the stewardess repeating “this is a totally different way of flying”. Because Hays said that and also said all together.

But if this scene doesn’t get you to pass up airline food on the plane, perhaps you have suicidal tendencies that need to be addressed and looking for options in how to kill yourself. Food poisoning, or dying in a horrible plane crash. When your food is so bad that it makes the food that prison inmates look like first class meals at expensive fancy restaurants and it poisons your pilots, you know you have a food quality problem. It’s hard to do worst than prison food, if you are familiar with any of those documentaries and hearing about prison inmates getting sick because of what they are forced to eat. But it looks like Airplane found a way to do worst than the food people get in prison.
BTRO: Airplane! 1980- Food Poisoning Scene

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Movie Clips: Airplane 1980- Oh Stewardess, I Speak Jive

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal Plus

Just to sort of be serious for a minute and then I’ll go back to being an asshole. I’m just glad this movie and scene was made in 1979-80 instead of lets say thirty-years later. Why? Because it wouldn’t of gotten made in today’s political correctness universe and Hollywood. Could you imagine how MSNBC, Salon, The Nation, AlterNet and others would react to a Hollywood movie making fun of Jive and what is today called Ebonics. All of the charges of racism that would come as a result with perhaps hundred of thousand or so far-left wing protesters protesting against Hollywood studios.

But of course it is perfectly okay with the so-called leftist political correctness community to make fun of rednecks and rural Americans in general, just as long as they are not Anglo or Caucasian or both and female. Because according to the Far-Left in America that is where all the ignorant people in America live and that is what all of them look like. Just tells you how ignorant the Far-Left is in America. I think only Bill Maher and his supporters on the Left, lets say the true Liberals would for one find this scene funny today on the Left. And defend the people who created it.

Now far as the scene goes, it is classic Airplane and how this movie represented the times, the late 1970s and that decade in general and what America was like as far as the whole movie in general and what the country was going through. They just did in better satiric form then perhaps anyone else when. A couple of African-American men flying on the same plane together and apparently they only speak what was called then Jive. Perhaps they’ve only spent five-minutes outside of the ghetto their whole lives and this is the only way they know how to talk.

So what does Airplane do, but have an older wealthy Anglo-Saxon women played by Barbara Billingsley, who was in her mid-60s at this point as the only person on the plane besides these two men who can speak and understand Jive. This is classic Airplane and why they were so ahead of their times as far as talking about the times and putting it an entertaining way that everyone can understand and not take offense at.
Movie Clips: Airplane 1980- Of Stewardess, I Speak Jive

Friday, September 13, 2013

Iron Skin Bng: Video: The Washington Redskins Department of Defense

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What I loved about the Redskins defense of the 1980s, was that they could get to the QB with their front four. They didn’t have to blitz to pressure the QB, because they had three guys that you basically had to double team. With two defensive ends who were both quick enough to be linebackers and the strength of defensive ends in Dexter Manley who should be in the Hall of Fame. But that is a different blog and Charles Mann who you might be able to make a good case for him as well. 
But with Dexter on the other side commanding so much attention, Charlie didn’t have to take on a lot of double teams at least with Dexter there. And then you had DT Dave Butz in the middle, 6’7 three hundred something pounds of muscle, bigger than most offensive tackles back then in the 1970s and 80s playing defensive tackle. With Darryl Grant who was built like a nose tackle playing the other defensive tackle with very good quickness who could get up the field. 
So with these four DL, it meant the Redskins didn’t have to pass or run blitz much because there defensive line could do most of the work. Leaving the linebackers to finish off play rather than having to make most of the plays. The Redskins defense back in the 1980s wasn't great because they had so much talent or more talent than anyone else. Because they certainly didn't, but they had a lot of very good players and depth, who all played very well with each other. And a great defensive coach like Richie Pettibon leading them.

Streety Films: Mother Trucker Carolyn For BC

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Source: FRS Real Life Journal Plus

A short but sweet video of a sexy female driver. I love women like this who prove they can do traditionally male jobs, but who are actual women. And shows that women can be women, meaning feminine and not have to be, lets say dykes in order to do jobs like this. We see this cowgirls and biker chicks as well. With very feminine and attractive sexy women who fit in very well in these cultures, because they are from it, part of it and know it. And don’t act butch and are trying to be like guys doing these jobs. But are sexy feminine attractive women who also happen to be truck drivers. Because perhaps that is the business they grew up with their fathers, or simply decided they wanted to do on their own.
Streety Films: Carolyn For BC

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Martin Clark: Hart To Hart- Season One 1979 Pilot

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal Plus

Hart to Hart is a strange show to me, because it is about this very wealthy businessman with his own company, that he doesn’t seem to spend much time running. Sort of how some pro sports franchise owners treat their clubs and have someone else running their club for them. And his wife who is like a part-time writer, but basically acts as the first lady of her husband’s company. And hosts a lot of parties and charity functions and so-forth. And yet this power couple in Los Angeles is always dealing with crime cases as if they’re the primary detectives on the case. Either as pi’s which they are not ( at least officially ) or police detectives, which they're also not.

And they also don’t make it very clear what type of company Hart Industries, owned by Jonathan Hart played by Robert Wagner, is and what they do. If Hart Industries was a private eye firm run and owned by this power couple the Hart’s, Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, played by Hollywood goddess Stefanie Powers, ( who has real Raquel Welch qualities, that I’ll talk about in a future blog ) , then this show would make sense. Except for Hart Industries, they would need to call it Hart Pi’s or something like that.

But this show does have things that make it worth watching. Like Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner, especially Stefanie and this show has a lot of good humor and it and the plots are good. It’s just not very realistic that the two main investigators on the show aren’t investigators. They aren’t police detectives or private detectives. But people who work in finance and do other things. And yet they end up doing most of the investigative work on the show and solving the cases themselves.
Martin Clark: Hart To Hart- Season 1 1979 Pilot

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Videoholic Prime: Barbara Walters Special- Johnny Carson in 1984

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal Plus

The title of The King of Late Night is all you need to know about Johnny Carson. Because that is exactly what he is and still is and still the standard that late night hosts and comedians that interview famous people have tried to live up to ever since. Because he was not only a comedian, but an informed comedian who knew the people and topics he commented on and joked about. Because of the work he put into it. He’s the one comedian that both David Letterman and Jay Leno and you can add Conan O’Brien to that list, of comedians/talk show hosts, that have tried to be the next Johnny Carson, or at least be as good as the man who is still the standard when it comes to late-night talk shows.

As Johnny Carson put it to Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes in 1979, his show wasn’t a political talk show, or a current affairs talk show. But a show that covered those things in order to make fun of them. Carson was of course interested in politics and current affairs and I’m sure like most comedians who joke about those things do. But his show wasn’t Meet The Press or Face The Nation. It was a show that made fun of what went on in the world. He made fun of a lot of politicians and public servants, because they tend to make the most news. At least the most important news. That at least pre-reality TV and 24 hours of tabloid TV, tended to lead the national network newscasts.

As far as Johnny Carson being shy, I think that is fascinating. Because he’s a man whose one of the best comedians we’ve ever had. Whose great in public and great at doing his act and someone who was very good at interviewing other people and even doing it from a serious standpoint. And getting his guests to tell him things that they perhaps haven’t told others. And yet he’s somewhat reserved and shy when in private. And perhaps only tells his close friends his real personal feelings and what he’s going through. I would think someone so open in public would also be open in private, because that is the person that they’re accustomed to being.And yet there are two different sides to Johnny Carson.

The thing that I guess like and respect most about Johnny Carson, is that he was always Johnny Carson. He was knew himself better than anyone else and didn’t know anyone else as well and knew that. Which is why he didn’t try to be anyone else. He saw himself purely as an entertainer and comedian. Not a journalist whose also funny. Which would be a great way to describe Barbara Walters and Mike Wallace. Two journalists with excellent sense of humors. Johnny knew his job was to make people laugh and entertain them. Not to tell them what to think and what should be important to them. But to make fun of the world and the funny people in it.
Videoholic: Barbara Walters Interviews- Johnny Carson in 1984

Brandon Hansen: Take a Trip Back to The 1970s

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal Plus

A very divisive decade politically the 1970s, but a decade with a lot of great movies, sports, music and the designer jeans revolution of the late 1970s. Also the decade where I was born and started school. So I can’t really complain about a decade that I didn’t play much of a part in and don’t remember most of it. My first memories of life start around 1978 or so and if you look at that time, it doesn’t look much different than 1981 or 82. But a fascinating decade with all sorts of incredible things for good and bad.

One of the worst fashion decades of all-time and this coming after the 1960s. But in the 1970s we go from min-skirts and western hippie clothing, to bell bottoms, platform shoes and flares. It was a decade where most of America looked like they were high or drunk, or in Jim Morrison’s case both. Where everything was in and everything was done at the same time and whatever happens is whatever happens with not a lot of thought into the consequences.

It was a decade where we go from having a Tricky Dick, to a Peanut Brain, I mean Peanut Farmer, with a stumbling bumbler in between as President of the United States. The greatest country in the world and yet this is who we have leading the way and taking us to the promise land. If this country was the best back then, I sure as hell would get to see the worst. But again most of the country was high, so who the hell cares, even for the people who sober enough to vote. The 1970s, what a decade and America, what a country.
Brandon Hansen: Take a Trip Back To The 1970s

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Johnny Carson: The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson- Steve Martin Not Important Enough to Leave Early

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal Plus

You hear all the time on these late night talk shows about the guest being so important and busy that they can only give the current host and show that they are talking to when so much time before they have to go to their next appointment.

Whether they have to rehearse the show they are currently working on, rehearse a scene in a movie that is coming up, rehearse some new album that they are working on, negotiate their latest divorce settlement, meet their mistress, see their drug pusher, talk to their analyst, you know whatever it might be.

But apparently Steve Martin wasn’t important enough in late 1978 and had nothing else to do that day and could’ve given Johnny Carson all his time and done the entire show together. He could’ve filled in as the couch potato and given Ed McMahon the day off. He and Johnny could’ve made a cake together, he could’ve picked up Johnny’s laundry or met his girlfriend because Johnny needed to be with wife that night.

Whatever Johnny needed Steve to do for him, looks like Steve had the time to help out and be a good personal assistant for Johnny, since he wasn’t important enough to have to leave early.
Johnny Carson: The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson- Steve Martin Has To Leave Johnny Carson

Monday, September 9, 2013

Dinnertyme Videos: Q&A With Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers

Source: Dinnertyme Videos- Stefanie Powers & Robert Wagner-
Source: FRS Real Life Journal Plus

This may sound strange, but I was never a fan of Hart to Hart and explain why and I’ve seen a few episodes on demand and on reruns now on cable. But I’m a big fan of Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner and without them, you would’ve had a bad to mediocre show that probably would’ve been on for maybe three episodes in late 1979 or 1980. Had RJ and Stefanie not of been on that show and you replaced those two with, lets say average actors who are perhaps good character actors, but aren’t ready for lead roles. And perhaps both of them aren’t that well-known yet and have just been discovered.

Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers are examples of why acting and the ability for actors to improvise are so important. Great actors can make mediocre if not bad shows look watchable, because of their presence and how they present themselves on the show. Especially if they are funny which RJ and Stefanie were and perhaps still are. Hart to Hart wasn’t that believable which is my main problem with it. You got a guy who runs his own corporation, even though they never make it real clear what his company does. And his wife who is essentially the wife of a CEO and perhaps does charitable work or something.

Hart to Hart was essentially a show about a rich man and his gorgeous wife. A very wealthy CEO with his own company, jet and everything else and yet this show is essentially a private eye show. With Jonathan Hart and his wife doing most of the detective work. Even though neither one of them are professional detectives and have never been detectives or even police officers. Similar to McMillan and Wife where you had a big city police commissioner, the Commissioner of Police for San Francisco and his wife doing most of the detective work. But RJ and Stefanie made Hart to Hart watchable, at least some of the time.
Dinnertime Videos: Q&A With Robert Wagner & Stefanie Powers

Friday, September 6, 2013

Eraven: Wonder Woman Cat Fight- Lynda Carter vs. Stella Stevens

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Source: FRS Real Life Journal Plus

A cat fight between goddess’, which is how it should be. I mean, who wants to see a cat fight between a couple of two-hundred pound dykish looking women. I guess dykes, but who else? But what you have in this scene is two goddess’. Lynda Carter, perhaps the best looking women on TV in the entire 1970s, if not Hollywood all together. Versus Stella Stevens, who made most of her mark in Hollywood in movies in the 1960s and 70s. Two gorgeous sexy women and yet they are both baby-faced adorable as well. I tend to call Wonder Woman, played by Lynda Carter Wonder Baby. Because as hot and sexy as she was and still is, at least to a certain extent, she was just as cute as well. Stella Stevens reminds me a lot of Kim Novak physically, but not as shy and a lot funnier. And these two women are also excellent actress’s, which made for a very good scene.
Eraven: Wonder Woman Cat Fight- Lynda Carter vs Stella Stevens

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

USFL Guy-ESPN: USFL 1984-Week 10- Washington Federals @ Tampa Bay Bandits: Highlights

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Because of the Redskins, Washington should’ve never of had a USFL franchise. Neither should have Tampa, because of the Buccaneers, which was just one of the problems with the USFL. Two many duel market teams competing with the NFL for fans when they should’ve been trying to develop their own fan base. Back in 1984, Florida already had Orlando and Jacksonville as far as USFL franchises. They didn’t need to be in Tampa as well, which wasn’t a proven NFL market yet with the Buccaneers struggling. So putting another pro football franchise there was a mistake. And Maryland had the Baltimore Stars in the USFL, after the Colts moved to Indianapolis. Plus the Redskins in Washington for Maryland NFL fans. So the USFL had no business in Washington or Tampa. Other than wanting to have a club in a big market like Washington.

Golden Cyber: Wonder Woman Captured by The Skrill

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal Plus

Wonder Woman being captured by a monster. I guess even super heroes have their weakness’ and can meet their match. To believe in Wonder Woman, well you have to believe in Wonder Woman. Which is a big enough challenge in itself. And then you have to believe that the U.S. Army, or at least some Army officers are dumb enough to believe that Diana Prince and Wonder Woman are two different women. Why, because even though they have the same body, face and voice, one where’s glasses and an Army uniform and the other doesn’t. So of course they can’t be the same women. Sort of like cops not thinking that is the car they’re looking for, because the license plates are different. Even though the car is the same make, model, year, color, same dent in the front door. And it doesn’t occur to the Detective that the suspect simply changed the license plate of the getaway car. Well Wonder Woman wasn’t an entertaining show because of its realism. But because it had a goddess like Lynda Carter and some real good action scenes.
Golden Cyber: Wonder Woman Captured By The Skrill

Monday, September 2, 2013

Anita Lande: Cherie Currie in Concert in Chicago 2013, Cherry Bomb

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I’ll be real honest and say that I’m not that familiar with Cherie Currie other than I know she’s friendly with Joan Jett and they perform together. But she sort of sounds like the female version of Alice Cooper. But a much more feminine voice and a much better voice. Alice is more of a heavy metal headbanger and perhaps the current king of leather and leather jeans at least in rock and roll. Especially since Jim Morrison passed away in 1970. Cherie sounds to me more like a hard rocker and not a classic rocker and perhaps has a similar sound as Joan Jett. Her Cherry Bomb to me sounds like Warrant’s Cherry Pie from 1990-91. She definitely has a solid sound and I’ll check her out more in the future.
Anita Lande: Cherie Currie 2013- Chicago, Illinois: Cherry Bomb

Cowgirl Montse Chafino: Honey- Wild Bunch Girls

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal Plus

Luv dem country girls dancing. Gotta admit, even though I’m not a fan of at least traditional country music. But I do like watching country girls dance. Because they move very well, they’re very sexy because they take care of themselves. They don’t eat until they vomit or vomit up what little they do eat. But they live healthy, eat well, workout, because they are real women. And the lifestyles that they live and the work that they do requires them to look good and take care of themselves. Because they need the energy and strength to do those things. And then you get women like that on stage and dancing or singing or doing both and you have very sexy attractive women who move very well and look great doing it.
Cowgirl Montese Chafing: Honey- Wild Bunch Girls

Channel 5: Carole Vorderman- in Very Tight Jeans Dancing

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I love Carol Vorderman, physically. She seems mostly physical to men and someone with a great body who promotes that and that is basically what all her fame is about. But I guess you use what you have and if you’re successful you use as well as you can. But she does have a great body. Good height, strong tight body. Great legs and a beautiful butt. And perhaps what like about her most is that she shows off that body very well and wears skinny and skin-tight jeans a lot. I think you’ll have a real hard time finding a women who looks better in skinny Levis than Carol. She’s known as a game show assistant. I person who moves the pieces on the board. And there primarily very for her physical sex appeal. But she’s so good at that and so open about her body and sex appeal that you have to give her hats off for that and tell her job well-done. And you can’t wait to see her again.
Channel 5: Carole Vorderman in Very Tight Jeans Dancing

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Golden Cyber: Wonder Woman Defeated by a Nazi Wonder Woman

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Real Life Journal Plus

Wonder Woman, defeated by a German Nazi! Thats embarrassing! I know this Nazi is also a Wonder Woman, but the only real Wonder Woman is an American, or at least she landed in America. After emigrating, I guess from Paradise Island. I’m really stretching on my Wonder Woman knowledge, but I’m no expert on Wonder Woman and for good reason. Cheesy show, that without a goddess named Lynda Carter as the star of the show, absolutely no reason to watch it. Unless you like to watch TV to make fun of it. Make fun of the cheesy writing and facial expressions and everything else. How unrealistic the show is. But after seeing Wonder Woman lose to a Nazi, now I have even less respect for this show. But she’s Wonder Woman! The female version of Superman, except without the ability to fly with a cape. So I’m sure she came back later and saved the day.
Golden Cyber: Wonder Woman Defeated by a Nazi Wonder Woman