Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jean-Sebastien Blondel-CBS Sports: NBA 1987-ECF-Game 7-Detroit Pistons @ Boston Celtics: Final Minutes

Source: Jean-Sebastian Blondell- Pistons vs Celtics, for the 1987 EC Championship-
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The Pistons had to play this game without their leading scorer Adrian Dantley and their third-guard Vinnie Johnson, who gave them a lot of points off the bench. Two players that the Celtics didn’t really have anyone who could matchup with them, other than Dennis Johnson. And even the great Dennis Johnson, who should be in the Hall of Fame by the way, can only cover one player at a time. And Dantley wouldn’t have been much help defensively against either Larry Bird or Kevin McHale, or been much of a help on the boards, against Larry Legend. And the Pistons still scored 114 points in this game without two of their best scorers. But they got whipped on the boards in the fourth quarter and had no one to defend Legend. They had the players for that, but Legend was still either hitting his shots, creating points for other people and getting big rebounds. Like he always did in big games.
Jean-Sebastian Blondell-CBS Sports: NBA 1987-ECF Game 7- Detroit Pistons @ Boston Celtics: 4th Quarter Highlights