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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Liberty Pen: Milton Friedman- A Conversation On The Minimum Wage

This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeState Now Plus

I’m in favor of the minimum wage as anyone whose concern about welfare spending and what we pay on public assistance as taxpayers in America. But as someone whose not in favor of government kicking people off of public assistance who do not have the skills to take care of themselves, should be in favor of the minimum wage and even increasing the minimum wage under certain circumstances. To encourage more people to work and not stay on public assistance indefinitely. You want more people working and not just working, but earning enough money to take care of themselves and earning a middle-income better, than the minimum wage should not only be there, but pay more than not working at all. Otherwise low-skilled adults will choose Welfare and not working, over level-entry jobs.

These are the reasons why I’m in favor of a minimum wage. If you want to get past the idea that all work should be valued up to a certain point, that is people making enough money that they have a shot to advance in life and pay their basic bills even at discounted prices like with public housing, food assistance, health insurance to use as examples, but not indefinitely, but to buy them time so they can get themselves the skills that they need to get a good job. That comes with education and job training for low-skilled working adults. But also to encourage more people to work so people would make more money working whatever the job is. Than not working that is people who aren’t retired. So someone working let’s say full-time at a higher minimum wage jobs whether it is 10-12 bucks an hour, would make more money than the person at home unemployed without the skills that they need to get a good job. And have that person given money through government at what a full-time worker making $7.25 and hour. Today’s minimum wage so low-skilled adults see that they can make more money working than not working even at the minimum wage.

One of the beauties of a public assistance system like this is that it would come with work requirements. For able body and mentally able adults, not being educated wouldn’t be an excuse for choosing not to work. You want food assistance, get a job, you want Medicaid, get a job, you want public housing, get a job. And there would be a time period for people just getting on public assistance to get a job and they could get help finding that job as well. And while they are working even at a low-skilled job they would even be eligible for assistance to finish their education. And get job training so they could get a good job that empowers them to get off of public assistance all together. The other beauty in a system like this is that we would increase the minimum wage to 10-12 bucks an hour even index it for inflation and have a break in it for small employers or all employers and allow for them to deduct lets says thirty percent of that from their taxes.

It is pretty simple, if you think we spend too much on public assistance in America and again you do not want to see government kick people off of public assistance who can’t take care of themselves, or you think we have too much poverty in America, then you’re for a more livable minimum wage. And more education and job training for our low-skilled workforce. So they don’t have to take minimum wage jobs in the future. Because now they have the skills to get themselves good jobs. And we have people who believe we have too much poverty and too many people on public assistance. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, (no one’s Socialist) is a great example of that. And you want more people working and fewer people collecting public assistance in the future. Then you would be in favor of a public assistance system like this.