Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Pop Sugar Fashion: How to Wear Over-The-Knee-Boots

Source: Flickr-
Source: Pop Sugar Fashion: How to Wear Over-The-Knee-Boots

A classic and yet still an incredible sexy look. A beautiful women wearing a simple white t-shirt and skinny denim jeans in cowgirl boots. I call them cowgirl boots if they are worn by sexy women. This look is classic and why is it classic? And if you answer because it has been around a long time, you would be correct and also guilty of stating the obvious. But the better question would why has it been around a long time? And if you answer because it is classic, then you would be guilty of being a smartass. The real reason why this look has been around so long, the second edition now ten-years after the first edition in the late 1970s and 1980s, is because it is a great way for sexy attractive women to show off their legs. Really the whole point of skinny jeans both denim and leather and of course the long boots and putting the jeans in the boots. Showing people, I imagine especially men what kind of legs and butt that you have.

Alex Pescado: Video: Camel Toe: Sexy Women on The Move in Tight Denim Jeans

Very sexy women

Thursday, February 21, 2013

ESPN: Video: NBA: No Big Trades For Boston Celtics: What This Means For The Washington Wizards

No big move for the Wizards a team thats still twenty plus games under 500 starting the second half of the season. And a team that looks like there's plenty of potential at least on paper and perhaps ready to contend in the Eastern Conference in 2014. If they stay healthy but trading away one of your best guards and scorers for an injured player and an unknown as far as Wizards fans. Are concern looks to me at least like a big mistake at least on paper and if you are going to make a move. Like this and know you are rebuilding and you are in the trade market to hopefully make your team better. The idea is to trade quality for quality or more quality and at least get some draft picks in return. I don't see this even as a cheap salary cap move because Jordan Crawford is still very young with a lot of potential left. And hasn't seen his big payday yet and still has some years before he'll see that money. But hopefully Wizards General Manager Ernie Grunfeld sees something positive in this move that I don't see that will pay off for the Wizards long term.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Derek Matthews: Derek's Wife- in Tight Jeans & Boots

Source: Derek Matthews- His wife, in Lee denim jeans-
Source: Derek Matthews: Wife's Butt in Tight Jeans & Boots

Gotta respect a guy who loves his wife so much and is so proud of her, that he would not just film her in public, but then put that footage out on public especially on a platform like YouTube, where a lot of other people would get to see her. And see how sexy she is and on the move like this. I guess you also have to respect or admire a woman, that has so much faith and trust in her husband, that she would be willing to show off not just for him, but for a lot of other people especially men to see her like this.
Source: Clips 4 Sale- Derek Matthews's wife 
If you're familiar with the adult entertainment websites Clips 4 Sale and DevilButts, you know about the female models there who are always wearing the same denim jeans. Always from the same brand that being Lee Jeans. And they're almost always wearing ankle boots with those jeans. And all are very curvy with tight curves wearing short tight tops. They sort of look like country girls with their tight t-shirts or tank top, skin-tight jeans and boots, but these ladies are always wearing ankle boots. The woman in this video is wearing high boots with her Lee Jeans and a leather jacket, so she looks a little different from those other models.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tumble Cheer Xox: Miranda Lambert- Gunpowder & Lead Front Row

Source: Tumble Cheer Xox-Miranda Lambert-
Source: Tumble Cheer Xox: Miranda Lambert- Gun Power & Lead Front Row

This woman can give guys the rides of their lifetime seeing her up that close in those tight outfits. And I think Miranda Lambert is completely aware of that and why she dresses and moves like that. This is why guys love country girls, because of their attitude and how they present themselves with their tight bodies and tight outfits that showcase their beautiful sexy curves. Miranda as far as face, voice and personality, can certainly come off as a little girl. But her body and style is very mature and very sexy, very grownup. As I said before she's a sexier or even sexy Jessica Simpson. Jessica Simpson who does come off a little girl and at best a teenage valley girl all the time. But Miranda has a lot of sex appeal to go with her baby girl adorableness. And the guys here are just seeing Miranda in concert, but seeing her in concert up close. Literally within a few feet of her as she performs, moves around the stage and dances. And they get to check her out the whole time. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Julie Skyhigh: Julie Skyhigh Denim Jeans Fetish

Source: Julie Skyhigh- Julie Skyhigh, in skinny jeans in boots-
Source: Julie Skyhigh: Julie Skyhigh Denim Jeans Fetish

At risk of sounding like an old man, I don’t get the women smoking in jeans fad. I get the tight jeans and skinny jeans part, but what is so sexy or awesome or hot or whatever about seeing a women smoking regardless of what she is wearing? Especially since smoking “is like so not awesome anymore”. To use a valley phrase with so many Americans understanding the dangers of tobacco and the addiction part and not wanting to deal with the health effects of tobacco consumption later on in life. Now as far as the women in the video, again not interested in the smoking part. But a very attractive sexy women in skinny denim jeans in boots. A classic look that is not going away anytime soon, not with women like this and with healthier and curvy women around and still coming up.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Michelle Rodriguez Brazil: The Fast And Furious Deleted Scene: Dom and Letty Garage Scene

Source: Michelle Rodriguez-
Source: Michelle Rodriguez Brazil: The Fast and The Furious Deleted Scene- Dom & Letty

The Fast and The Furious is not one of my favorite movies and certainly not a great movie and perhaps not even a very good movie. It is watchable and it is entertaining and has a lot of good car races and car chases. The cast is fairly good, but this movie is mostly a style movie intended on looking cool based on special effects, catch phrases and the people in it. Not so much on plot and little and perhaps annoying things to young producers and directors today, things like acting and writing. Not a very good movie based on that, but that is not what this movie is about anyway. But perhaps the best three parts of this movie are Michelle Rodriguez, Vin Diesel and Letty and Dom together. They actually seem like real people in this movie. And not people trying to be someone else. And they look great and are great together. As you see in this deleted scene.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Brooke and Company: Learn How to Line Dance, Tush Push

Source: Brooke & Company-
Source: Brooke and Company: Learn How To Line Dance, Tush Push

Line dancing aint my thang, so to speak, but I would be more than happy to learn how and do it with a sexy women who knows how to do it. And is something that I love watching sexy country and cowgirls do and watching them move. Because they are very attractive sexy women who take care of themselves and keep in great shape because they sort of have to because of the lifestyles they live. And the work they do either something to do with the country music business, even managing or working at country bars, or actually being performers themselves. Or working on farms or ranches out West like in Colorado. And they look great moving around and moving their legs and everything else. Giving guys a lot of thrill rides, if you know what I mean. And a pleasure to watch.

WBAL-TV: Sports: Orioles Ready to Take Next Step in 2013: Preview of The 2013 Baltimore Orioles

O's ready to take next step in 2013 | Baltimore Orioles - WBAL Home

What we saw from the 2012 Orioles caught me by surprised. I knew they were going to be better and more competitive and that they should at least be pretty good offensively. They weren't great on offense last year but they had a knack for getting big hits with runners in scoring position. And hitting big timely home runs throughout the lineup where they had power up and down the lineup. Similar to how they were in the 1990s, they simply had a lot of depth on offense and when got the pitching. With improved starting pitching with starters they could count on like Jason Hammel and Ho Chi Ming. With Chris Tilman finally merging as a top line starting pitcher for the Orioles and then with perhaps the best. Bullpen in the American League with a manger in Buck Showalter who knew his team very well and exactly what he had to work with and how to get the best out of them. When the Orioles were up early and had a lead late, they were very good because thats all their pitching need to do well. Was the confidence that all they had to do was their job rather then having to shut the other team out to win.

I think the Orioles would've been better off going after another power hitting 1B/DH to replace Mark Reynolds. Reynolds strikes out way too much but his power and run production will be missed if someone doesn't step up and fill the void. And hopefully this is the year that Chris Davis steps up and not only becomes that big slugger that the Orioles are expecting. Hitting 30 plus HR's which he did last year and driving in around hundred RBI's, instead of around 85 which he had last year. If he cuts down on his strike outs and strikes out around hundred and stays healthy rather then striking out at around. 150 like last year, the batting average will go up and he'll drive in a lot more RBI's and he'll hit the same or. More HR's because he'll be swinging at better pitches but with really only Wilson Betemit being the only other option at 1B. As far as Orioles with considerable experience there, if Chris Davis doesn't step up. The Orioles will have a big void in the middle of their lineup.

With Chris Davis taking another step up, the Orioles could lock him in the cleanup spot or bat him fifth. The Orioles pitching looks solid with Jason Hammel, Ho Chi Ming, Chris Tilman and Miguel Gonzalez. But if Jake Arrietta steps up and bounces back, the Orioles will have another ace caliber starting pitcher. And one of the best core of starting pitchers as well as bullpens in the American League. Otherwise its still a very solid pitching staff just a question of who the fifth starter is. And the Orioles lineup again looks very solid except for 2B, will it be Brian Roberts or will they have to platoon there. But other then those questions, look for the Orioles to once again contend for the AL East title and AL Playoffs in 2013.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sandra B: Wearing Skinny Denim Jeans With Boots

Source: Flickr- Sandra B-
Skinny jeans with boots, whether they’re skinny denims or skinny leathers and of course skinny denim jeans are more popular than leathers, but you’re talking about a classic combination. That really goes back to the late 1970s as far as mainstream pop culture in America. When the country moved away from bell bottoms and flair hippie jeans. (As I call them) Jean pants that are very baggie and even looser than what are called trouser jeans today. Pants that were designed to look stylish and somewhat rock and roll and Hollywood, but did nothing to show a woman’s legs or butt. We went from this look of the early and mid 1970s, to the designer jeans wave of the late 1970s. Where all the new denims were designed to show a woman’s legs and butt. Where most of them were dark wash and where you have fancy leather designer tags on the jeans. From labels like Calvin Klein, Lee, Gloria Vanderbilt, Levis even. All these designer jeans that were huge and all over TV in the late 1970s and through the 1980s, all came about starting in 1978 and 79.

Before the designer jean revolution of the late 1970s, tight denim jeans, what are called skinny jeans, were only popular in Western and biker culture and a certain extent rock and roll culture. At least for women, because women back then didn’t feel the freedom to highlight their legs and butts. Even in a stylish way where they would wear a nice blouse and sport jacket and western boots with their jeans. Before 1978 women were supposed to look somewhat conservative at least in the sense they weren’t supposed to show their legs and butts, at least with pants. Short skirts, were considered somewhat acceptable, just not tight pants and certainly not tight jeans. That all changed in the late 1970s with shows like Threes Company, Dukes of Hazard, Taxi and few others. Where you saw beautiful sexy women on a regular basis sporting tight designer jeans and wore them with boots regularly and wore jeans in boots. And America if anything has just gotten more liberal with our wardrobe and jeans wardrobe for both men and women ever since.

We’ve gone to the designer jean revolution for women of the late 1970s and into the early and mid 1980s, to the horribly failed experiment of the acid wash jeans wave of the late 1980s. Back to Levis era of the early and mid 1990s, to another designer jeans revolution of the late 1990s. That we’ve never moved away from. Wear the jeans weren’t new as far as design, because they were based on the jeans from the late 1970s and early 80s. To the jeans in boots look from the mid 2000s that I again were still in. Where beautiful sexy women not just want to show their legs and look stylish doing it and not like strippers or prostitutes, but are expected to wear skinny jeans and wear the right skinny denims for their legs and wear them with boots. Western boots, riding boots, biker boots. There plenty of stylish sexy boots for women to wear with their jeans without looking like hookers. And this has been a great style era for women, but also for men. Because we get to check them out.
City Soles TV: Women Wearing Skinny Jeans In Boots

Friday, February 8, 2013

Aristo Video: Colt Ford- Mr Goodtime

Source: Aristo Video-
Source: Aristo Video: Colt Ford- Mr. Goodtime

Not a fan of country music, at least generally. I actually tend to make fun of it when I hear it and do my country boy impersonation. But I like this song and not because it is a country song, but because it sounds more like a country rock song. It has more of a rock beat to it and is a party song. Plus the video looks real good with two sexy women in moving and running around and then you have Colt Ford in the background sing his tune using I guess his own concert video footage. Plus this is a very well-written song and Colt has a real good voice. Like to hear him do more country rock, if not blues rock which is popular in the South and broader rural America. Because he has that type of personal background and sound to his music. So I like this song a lot and it have a very good video as well.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Keith Richardson: Lita Ford Jamming From 2008

Source: Keith Richardson-Lita Ford-
Source: Keith Richardson: Lita Ford Jamming From 2008

A sexy rocker chick who can play. Just from a guy's point of view this is great to see. A very attractive woman who is a rocker chick, who can play. You know she's not just up there because she'a an attractive blonde who wears tight outfits practically all the time as you see on this video. Lita Ford has been as successful as she has been as one of the top rocker chicks of the 1980s, because she can play, sing and write music. She's not some rock groupie who is around simply to make her rock star boyfriend feel good and live off of him. She's there because she can play the guitar, sing and has music that millions of hard rock fans love. She's a woman with a very sexy style, but also someone with some real substance, which is why she's not just one of the top rocker chicks of the 1980s, but like Joan Jett she's still playing today. And is someone that young rocker chicks today like Lizzy Hale love and enjoy playing with. Instead of some one-hit wonder who was simply there because she had one song that was a hit and didn't put an album together. Or ruined her career with alcohol and other drugs. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Paula Reynolds: Angie- Water Shoot Out Full Throttle Saloon 2012

Source: Paula Reynolds-
Source: Paula Reynolds: Angie- Water Shootout Full-Throttle

Full Throttle Saloon is a show that I watch from time to time, not on a regular basis. And it is basically about a bar that is a hell of a lot more than a bar somewhere in the Dakotas. It is sort of a combination of concerts, amusement park and a bar. A basically and entertainment center for adults like you would see with casinos in Las Vegas. This place is not a casino as far as I know, but a place where adults can go and see all sorts of entertainment. And I guess this was one of the shows that was put on at Full Throttle. A water fight with a big tall sexy curvy blonde, nailing another women with her water gun in a water fight. And you see many different sexy women like Angie in events like this. And you see biker women, cowgirls, rocker chicks who come by to have a great time. As well as performing themselves and makes for an interesting place to have a good time.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Steve Insolfo: Cecelia Lauren- Country Girls Do it Better

Source: Steve Insolfo- Cecelia Lauren-
Source: Steve Insolfo: Cecelia Lauren- Country Girls Do it Better

The song to me is pretty corny and maybe that is just because I’m not a country music fan. I can if doubt that and perhaps I’m just being nice. But I like the video because I like sexy country girls, which is exactly what you see in this video. Sexy country girls in action on the farm or ranch doing their thing and perhaps doing it as well as country boys. Well at least they look at lot better than country boys. And this is just an example of why guys regardless of where they come from like country girls and how they carry themselves at least from a physical perspective. Because these women tend to be very attractive and very sexy and you get to see them in action or horses and on stage and doing rodeos, driving trucks, riding motor bikes and everything else that country girls do.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Euro League Basketball: Video: Weekly Show Euroleague 02/02/13

European major league pro basketball is probably more real at least to the sense. That it really is more about basketball and less about outside opportunities to make more money outside of basketball.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

FRS Real Life Journal: Outfit of The Day- Jeans and Boots

Source: FRS FreeState via Flickr- Classic winter look for American women. Skin-tight denim jeans in boots.
Strange video and not just because she was speaking in another language, I believe Italian. But that she felt the need to get herself so close to her computer I guess in order to get herself filmed. That she didn’t use a cam corder or something that could record from a distance and we could see her moving around or sitting down, or have someone film her. Instead of her just making the video right in front of her computer like she was uploading something for Facebook or MySpace, or a dating site or something.

But having said all that, pretty good with a good sense of style. Looking like a woman who is going out shopping in a big city on the weekend or something. With the makeup, jacket, great jeans and nice boots as well.
SSierra Mike: Outfit of The Day- Jeans in Boots