Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Richmond Times: Sports: Via AP: Redskins Still Paying Cap Penalty: The Problems With The NFL Salary Cap

Redskins still paying cap penalty - Times-Dispatch - Richmond, VA News: Washington Redskins

I believe there needs to be a way to control player payroll spending as long as they are seeing their fair share of what the National Football League is spending. But was does controlling player costs means, it means don't overspend on players and don't give big contracts to players. Who just had the year of their career but have been around and haven't shown much in their career before. And are basically an average player or a good player even but not someone whose one of the best players at their position. And who makes the Pro Bowl on a regular basis, so their needs to be a way to control player costs as far as players being overpaid. Without hurting the franchises chances of being successful and remaining successful. So what the NFL should be doing instead is encouraging teams to spend the resources that they need to be. Successful and to win as many games as possible each year and yes that takes a lot of money to do that. But if you are in the right market, with the right stadium and the right fan base. You'll always have the resources and then some to be competitive if you spend that money wisely. Don't spend too much on average or slightly above average players and don't underspend on very good players.

What happened to the Redskins in the early and mid 1990s when the salary cap was put in place. Because they are a big market club that always had one of the highest payrolls in the NFL. But when the salary cap took effect in 1993, they were something like 50-100M$ over the salary cap. At a time when their team was aging so instead of being able to use free agency to rebuild their club. What happened instead is that they lost players to free agency instead because of the salary cap weren't able to resign. Those players and if you look at the Redskins of the last twenty years, they are still trying to get back to where they were. In the 1980s and early 1990s which is an annual Super Bowl contender and a team that made the NFC Playoffs. Almost every year but so far under Head Coach/General Manager Mike Shanahan, the Redskins have used the resources of this great franchise. Thats worth over a billion dollars very well and haven't over or underspent  but the salary cap is still a problem that needs to be addressed.

What the National Football League needs is an economic system that encourages teams to be successful and spend wisely the resources that they have. So teams that are only interested in making money but not winning and there are clubs like that. The Phoenix Cardinals as I still call them come to mind that have never been interested for the most part of spending the money it takes to win consistently. Wouldn't be able to do that or be punished for that and be in a situation, where they spend the resources that they. Have well or be taxed for not doing it along with not winning consistently. To go along with a safety net for small market clubs like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs to use as examples. And the NFL already has that system in place with revenue sharing of all broadcast money in the league. But the allow clubs who want to spend what it takes to be successful to be able to do that and not punish them. With a salary cap but perhaps tax them when they do spend more then a certain amount. Or overspend on players.

What would be a better economic system for the NFL is to have what's called in Major League Baseball. A payroll tax where teams that spend more then a certain amount would be taxed for every dollar that they go over the cap. But add to that which would be a big benefit for the players as well as fans of cheap teams. Is tax clubs who do have the resources to be competitive but don't spend those in order to won and tax those clubs for their underspending. And we won't see teams lose their competitiveness each year and lose players that they normally would've had the resources to resign.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sky Sports: Sky Sports Classic- EPL- Liverpool Reds vs Newcastle United- 4-3- 3/10/1997

An actual shootout in English soccer. I didn't see this game obviously not being a regular viewer of the English Soccer League. But if there were more soccer games like this in America I think Major League Soccer would be a much more popular league. Americans regardless of the sport and perhaps even the activity, like action. We don't need to see high scoring games all the time, but we like it when offenses play a major role and when games simply aren't dominated by defense. We like defense to and that is one of the reasons why American football is still so popular. But I believe the main reason why professional major league soccer hasn't caught on as well in America as in the United Kingdom and Europe, is because the rules in soccer are so oriented towards defense. With the offsides rule, just to use as an example. But this game right here is where the offenses stepped up and you saw a more balance soccer game. Instead of both teams essentially playing for a scoreless tie. And you open up the rules in soccer more and liberalize the game and it could be more popular in America.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kay Jay: Washington Senators 1957 & 1959: A Little History of The Washington Nationals

I'm not sure that a lot of lets say younger Washington Nationals fans are aware of this. But there's actually history of Major League Baseball in Washington with the Washington Senators. That goes back to the early 1900s, or even further back then that that lasted up until the original Senators left for Minneapolis in the early 1960s. To when Washington was rewarded another MLB franchise in the early 1960s. Lets call them Senators Two, that were basically counted on to finish last every year until they left for Dallas after the 1971 season. So before the Montreal Expose relocated to Washington after the 2004 season, MLB already had a long history in Washington and the Senators even won a World Series in 1924 and at least one other American League championship as well.

And they did play in the American League as well in the same league as the Orioles. Where the Washington-Baltimore regional rivalry could've started in the 1950s or 1960s. Instead just in the last few years as both franchises have struggled to become contenders and finally reached that status in 2012. With the state of both the Nationals and Orioles franchises and the fact they play in separate leagues. But play each in two series a year every year and into the indefinite future. With both clubs young and very talented and poised to be contenders for a very long time. The Orioles-Nationals, rivalry is not only going to be real, but a rivalry between two very good teams. Making baseball in the Washington-Baltimore region very good for a long time. And something fans of both franchises will look forward to every year.

The Senators, were like the Pittsburgh Steelers before the early 1970s when the Steelers finally became really good under Chuck Noll. The Senators, even though they actually had plenty of very good and great players, similar to the Steelers in the 1950s and 60s, were expected to and generally obliged to finish in last place in the American League. And again similar to the Steelers, the Senators from time to time would come up with a good team and have a winning season and perhaps even contend in the American League. But the Senators were always underfunded, because their ownership under Calvin Griffith and Later Bob Short, were always very cheap and had a hard time drawing fans to their games. But Washington, like most other big sports markets, tend to need good teams to watch in order to turn out for their teams.

The Senators, weren't losers because Washington was bad baseball city and market. They were losers, because they put a lot of bad teams on the field on an annual basis. Or wouldn't have the right manager, or coaching staff, or a combination of all of those factors. The Senators, wouldn't have left Washington either in 1960, or in 1971, had they simply been managed well and gave their fans reasons for coming to their games. Washington, was not the same city and market in 1971 that it is today. Its much larger today, but as the Redskins have shown when their teams commit to winning, their fans commit to them and turn out for the games. The Nationals of today, have a great ballpark and very good team, because their management is committed to winning and their fans are committed to them. The Senators, could have had that as well and still be here today.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Warrior 922: The Fast and The Furious- Hot Dom and Letty

Source: Fan Pop-
Source: Warrior 922: The Fast and The Furious- Hot Dom & Letty

The Fast and The Furious is not one of my favorite movies. It is not even one of my favorite movies of this century so far. Which is saying something, because most of the top movies of this era at least in popularity are based on style, what is considered hot, awesome, OMG or whatever. I think you get the idea and special effects as well. And movies like that which aren’t based on writing, acting and plot, don’t tend to impress me. But I do like Michelle Rodriguez, not just physically as a gorgeous baby-faced adorable sexy women, but as an actress as well. And I like Vine Diesel purely as an actor and these two characters and how they relate in this movie are really the only thing that impresses me about this movie. And they look great together and communicate very well together. They simply go well together as you see in this scene.