Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Monday, August 31, 2015

Laugh About: 10 Insane Late Night Talk Show Appearances

Source: NBC- Heidi Klum-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The Daily Review

I think the guests that stick out with me from this video, are Paris Hilton. Because she’s only famous, because who her father is and a few failed so-called realty TV shows she’s been on and of course one of perhaps thousands of so-called celebrities that have done time in jail. And if you noticed Dave Letterman, there was nothing else he wanted to talk about with Paris. Why, because she’s not well-known for really anything positive and for any substance. She’s known as a heiress who probably lives off her trust fund from her father and has someone invest and manage that money for her.

The Joaquin Phoenix, is another standout. Joaquin, later apologized to Letterman for his appearance on that show. Hopefully he apologized for not bothering to shave, or getting a haircut, chewing the gum, the sunglasses, perhaps not bathing before coming on. Dave, was expecting to see Joaquin Phoenix and instead what they got was Jim Morrison’s twin brother from 1970. Some zen new aged hipster, who didn’t seem to have a care in the world, or know anything about anything that was going on in his life. Not the way you want to appear on national TV on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Heidi Klum, well because she’s Heidi Klum. Arguably one of the five best looking women to ever come from Germany, or be of ethnic-German descent. I like Steffi Graf and Catherine Bach, but that’s me. That whole setup looked planned to me and Heidi with the sense of humor that she has, probably planned the whole deal herself with Dave and Marty Short, being more than willing helpers with the so-called Heidi wardrobe malfunction. I believe that show was from 2007, just three years after the so-called Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction at that Super Bowl.

Post-Johnny Carson, Dave Letterman to me is the best late night talk show host. And I think I like him the most because of damn straight candor. If he doesn’t have much respect for his guests, or his guests aren’t giving him much to work with and perhaps are acting like they want to be somewhere else, as you saw with Paris Hilton, who perhaps was late for her appointment with her dealer, or Joaquin, who looked like he just woke up from a ten-year coma, which would explain the shades and thick beard, Dave will let you know about it. Without actually telling you how he’s feeling.
Laugh About: 10 Insane Late Night Talk Show Appearances- 2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tom Polivka: Seinfeld Season 4- The Outing: A Reporter Believes Jerry and George Are Gay: Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

Source: Tom Polivka- The Beautiful Paula Marshall in Levis-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The Daily Review

If you think political correctness is bad now and I sure as hell do, then go back to the early 1990s. When homosexuals, especially gay men were just coming out of the closet and just starting to appear on national TV in reality and fictional programming. Whether gay men were queens, or lets say passable as straight and straight people didn’t automatically think they were gay from meeting them, or talking to them, the level of tolerance for homosexuality and gay life, was better than it was in the 1960s or so, but not to the point it is now. Where an overwhelming majority of Americans don’t have a problem with homosexuality. Simply because they know gay people and are friends with them.

I call this Seinfeld episode, the Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That show. Because that phrase is used a lot in this episode and that’s the basic point of the episode. What Jerry and George are saying, is that they’re not gay and want to make that clear to anyone who’ll listen, because they’re not gay and they sure don’t women and potential dates thinking that they’re gay. But they don’t have a problem with gay people being gay. “Its alright if Joe is gay, but I’m not and that lifestyle is not for me.” Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, the creators and producers of the Seinfeld show, went to gay rights groups and showed them the show ahead of schedule, to get it cleared by them.

There are several things I like about this show as a straight man and as a Liberal whose a strong supporter of free speech and strong opponent of political correctness. Which I see as a form of Far-Left fascism. That they made it clear that there’s nothing wrong with being gay, when the country was still fairly split on that and this episode came out in February, 1993. Same-sex marriage, is nowhere near the political radar and you could still get arrested for being gay in several states. But another thing, is that they took on political correctness directly, when political correctness is still fairly popular in America. And where any joke against any women, or non-straight person, or non-Caucasians, was considered bigoted. Because the political correctness crowd, even sees, “not that there’s anything wrong with that”, as homophobic, even if gay people don’t.

The other thing that I love about this episode, is actress Paula Marshall. She’s a beautiful, baby-faced adorable actress, whose like 27 at this point and playing a college student a journalism major. And she’s the one who taped recorded Jerry and George in the diner talking to each other pretending that they were gay and were a couple. Which is really how this episode gets started. Because she ends up interviewing Jerry and George in Jerry’s apartment, about Jerry’s career. And has already written her article in her college newspaper saying that Jerry Seinfeld is gay. And Jerry finds out about that and goes out of his way the rest of the show to prove to her that he’s not gay. Including inviting her over to her apartment for  a date.
Tom Polivka: Seinfeld- The Outing: George Pressures Jerry To Be Gay

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Reason: Nick Gillespie Interviewing Ted Balaker- Can Americans Still Take a Joke? Comedians Say No

Source: Reason Magazine-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The Daily Review

Can Americans still take a joke? That is really what this is about and for Americans who believe in political correctness, the answer is no. Doesn’t mean they can’t get a good joke and understand it. It just means they can take it. Kind of like the boxer with both a glass jaw and a beer belly. Sure! They can see the punches coming and know what they are, they just can’t take them. For political correctness fascists, humor is only humor when the humor is directed at the opposition. When its directed at your side of the isle, or your team, crew, clique, whatever the hell you want to call it, the person delivering the humor is a racist, xenophobe, sexist, homophobe and many times all of those things at the same time.

I believe two big cultural problems that we have in America, is that we’re no longer just divided politically, but culturally as well. It is no longer Left and Right, but cultural as well. The types of entertainment that you’re into as well as entertainers also tends to define your politics as well. And a lot of the entertainers, have become very partisan as well. So they’ll make fun of the opposition all the time, but when someone takes shots at their side, they’ll act like that person is the biggest bigot since Adolph Hitler. And that they should be deported to Siberia, or some place. And when you have entertainers who clearly come from one side of the isle ideologically, take shots at people their crew is supposed to protect, that person is considered a bigot and a traitor. Bill Maher comes to mind.

American politics and politicians, are so messed up right now, that you possibly can’t blame just one side, or the other. This blog is called The New Democrat for good reason. We are New Democrats ideologically and have a very strong liberal viewpoint, but this idea that Democrats and people on the Left are Einstein’s and full of perfect genius’, who are completely unflawed, while Republicans and people on the Right are useless bigots who should be put into one giant time machine and sent back to the 1500s or something, is as believable as saying Pat Buchanan, is a gay immigrant loving zen hipster, who embraces all cultures and loves all Americans. Who now says same-sex marriage should not only be legal everywhere, but we should invade countries where it’s currently illegal. Who would believe that?

Political correctness fascists, can’t have it both ways. If making fun of Hillary Clinton is sexist, just because she’s a woman, but taking shots at Michele Bachmann are perfectly legitimate, than neither is sexist and neither is legitimate. If racial jokes about one group of Americans, (generally Caucasian) is not racist, than racial jokes about Asians and Africans are not racist either. If you’re going to live in a liberal democracy, you need to be able to put up with all sorts of thoughts and ideas and ways of expressing one’s self. Otherwise you’ll end up in the nut house and perhaps have Michele Bachmann as your roommate. Or end up on Donald Trump’s next reality show. Who Wants Donald Trump For President? Wait, that reality show is already playing. The only current hit show on CNN. Learn to take a joke and you’ll live a lot longer and better.
Reason Magazine: Nick Gillespie Interviewing Ted Balaker- Can Americans Still Take a Joke? Comedians Say No

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Late Night with Seth Myers: David Brock & Jerry Seinfeld- Jerry Seinfeld is Tired of Political Correctness

Source: Late Night With Seth Myers- Jerry Seinfeld: What's the deal with political correctness?
Source: This piece was originally posted at The Daily Review

“There’s this creepy political correctness thing going on right now.” To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld and perhaps my version sounds better. But I couldn’t agree more. I could try I guess, if only I had so much time to waste. Who are these judges of what’s appropriate and inappropriate language and humor in America anyway and why are they all on the Far-Left? America, is not Sweden, obviously our weather is a lot better and not all our women are blonde. We are a Constitutional Federal Republic in the form of a liberal democracy. We have a guaranteed constitutional liberal right to free speech. If we didn’t, maybe we would be Sweden.

And the problem is, we either have this New York, or San Francisco, or Seattle centric faction of Americans, who don’t believe in free speech. Because free speech means people can essentially say whatever the hell they want. Even if someone else disagrees, or disapproves. And they are also the biggest tight asses, that you’ll ever see. And no I’m not talking about beautiful sexy curvy women. I’m talking about a tight ass, whose foot is far up their ass and think so highly of them self that they can’t take a joke. Either about them self, because they see them self as perfect, as well as the people they associate with in their local coffee-house wearing their berets reading and listening to poetry.

People who can’t take jokes, should not listen to comedy, or read comedy. Because comedians get paid to make people laugh and tell jokes. I know, that sounds crazy. Now you’re thinking I’m going to suggest that actors who get paid to act and pitchers get who paid to pitch. I know it’s a crazy world, but part of making people laugh is making fun of people who have weakness’. Not to make those people look bad and hurt their feelings, but to show sides of people where they can use some self-improvement. And again if you can’t take a joke, maybe America is not the right place for you. And maybe you would be better off in a country where everybody thinks and talks the way you do.
Late Night With Seth Myers: Jerry Seinfeld is Tired of Political Correctness

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Week: Opinion: Sam Fragoso- How The Riveting Vidal v. Buckley Debates Paved The Way For an Era of Idiotic TV Punditry

Source: The Week- Buckley V. Vidal-
Source: The New Democrat

I think people need to be careful when they compare with Bill Buckley-Gore Vidal debates with modern partisan talk TV. Where the host of some so-called news talk show has a clear political slant and simply brings on guests to back up what they are already saying. And when they do bring on an alternative point of view, they cut the person off every time the guest contradicts the host. Buckley-Vidal, is not Bill O’Reilly, or Rachel Maddow. Buckley-Vidal, is also not the old CNN Crossfire either. Where you would have 2-4 all talking at the same time and not knowing what someone else on that show said during the whole. Because they were too busy spilling hot air out of the big fat mouth.

The Buckley-Vidal debates, were between two men who hated each other and yet respected each other enough to hear what the other said and actually think about what they said before they tried responding to them. These debates were sort of like the Kennedy-Nixon debates of 1960. Where the two leading presidential nominees, were at the top of their game. And knew exactly what they thought and wanted to do and what their opponents knew as well. And actually listened to each other.

The only placed that would put on a Buckley-Vidal debate, or that type of talk and debating show, would be PBS, or C-SPAN. Because the rest of the country when they get home from work, are only interested in mindless entertainment, like so-called realty TV and the other tabloid shows, for the most part. And if they’re going to watch something that presents itself as news, it has to be entertaining. Because if it isn’t, they fall asleep on the couch from watching it, because getting something out of a real news show, or news magazine, or documentary, requires actual thinking. And not thinking about which jail their current favorite celebrity is currently being held at.

The Buckley-Vidal debates, weren’t supposed to be that. They were brought on by ABC News, Bill Buckley and Gore Vidal to offer opposite points of view from the other about the 1968 Republican and Democratic national conventions. I guess ABC News, was small, or cheap, that they couldn’t afford a research staff. Because if they did their homework they would’ve known that Buckley and Vidal hated each other. ABC News’s lead news anchor, was supposed to moderate their discussion, but he acted more like a U.S. Senate presiding officer, (sorry for the Congressional joke) than a moderator. Because Buckley and Vidal did all the talking. But it made for every entertaining as well as intelligent TV.
Movie Clips: Best of Enemies Featurette

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Liberty Pen: James Day Interviewing Ayn Rand in 1974- Reason and Atheism

Source: Liberty Pen- Objectivist Ayn Rand-
Source: The New Democrat

If it wasn’t for so many anti-religious militant Atheists in America and Atheists who tend to get linked with Communists and other statists, I might be an Atheist myself. This is a tough issue for me even as a Liberal who of course believes in reason and evidence which is what liberalism is built around. At least the real and classical versions of liberalism. Because I haven’t personally seen a God and don’t know of anyone who actually has. And if everybody especially religious fundamentalists regardless of religion were honest about this issue, they would say the same thing. And state the obvious and say, “of course I’ve never seen a God before and I don’t anyone who has.”

The main reason I’m not an Atheist and not religious, is because I don’t know that there isn’t a God. All I know is that everyone has never seen one. And if I was forced to take a stand on the issue I would say God doesn’t exist. But what keeps me from being an Atheist is the good that you see from religions and good work that comes from churches. Not saying that non-profit secular groups don’t provide the same services. But with religious people who sometimes are so far-right they might be better suited in Saudi Arabia politically than America, they do these good works like helping out the disadvantage from their religious core. Feed the hungry, house the homeless, treat the sick and so-forth.

There’s a lot of good work that comes from religious communities and religious charities. And to that extent at least there’s a lot of good that comes from religion whether God exists, or he’s some made up figure that people feel the need to turn to every time they’re in trouble. But I don’t believe in God, because again I’m more about reason than faith. Sure I have faith in things and people who I know and trust, but that is different in having faith in someone you’ve never even seen and don’t even know exists. I don’t want to consider myself to be an Atheist, because Atheists at least from what I’ve seen sound and look like the most intolerant people you’ll ever come across. And perhaps aren’t religious, because they don’t believe in live and let live.
Liberty Pen: Ayn Rand- Reason and Atheism

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Heartbeat For Us: Politically Incorrect 1998: The Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky Affair

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

Shocker! A 1998 political talk show covering the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair. Gee, I guess there was nothing else going in the world. Similar to 1995 with the O.J. Simpson trial. As far as David Brock, I guess he was a closeted left-wing Socialist, as well as a gay man. Pretending to be a far-rightist who wanted to put America in a time machine and take us back to 1955. Perhaps even 1915 before American women had the right to vote. Well, Brock was a closeted homosexual until 1998 when I guess someone on the Right outed him. And now he’s head of a far-left media group called Media Matters. That seems to be in the business of trying to put right-wing media out of business.

But there’s one thing I sort of feel sympathy for David Brock. Being a closeted gay man and Socialist, pretending to be a right-winger on the Right in America. Having to pretend you love women, cars, sports, American capitalism in front of a group of people who think that gays should either be deported, or put in prison. Of course, he could’ve always moved to Canada where he would’ve fit in perfectly. And perhaps not even have to listen to, or hear any right-wing media whatsoever. Wait! Canadians, watch, read and listen to American media all the time. Perhaps because their media is so boring and has so little to report. I mean Canada, a country physically the size of a continent, but with only thirty-five million people. Because there’s year round arctic winter in half of the country.

One more thing about the Bill Clinton White House intern blow job scandal. I’ll give credit to anyone who can tell the difference between the group in America that tried to eliminate one way or another Bill Clinton from the presidency, from the Far-Right in the Tea Party that has tried to do the same thing to Barack Obama 10-15 soon to be twenty-years later. Wait! I have it. The difference is that the people who tried to kick Barry out of office are about 15-20 years older than the people who tried to kick Wild Bill out of office. Same crew, but with just more gray hair and resources to work with in the areas of the internet and social media.